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  1. Hi all, I'm a 3rd year law student (finishing law school April 19th) and am writing the MCAT this summer in Ottawa on July 28th. Thinking about taking a prep course, but also wondering if anyone would be down to form a study group or wants a study buddy in Ottawa?
  2. Thanks everyone! The only thing I'm concerned about is my law school grades, not sure how much they will factor in. First two years I was very mediocre, this last year of law school I have been doing well above average. Undergrad GPA was 3.9 in the last three years, so I'm hoping that will be taken into higher consideration. I'm also from NL and applying to MUN which will is helpful.
  3. Hi all! So I'm currently in my last year of law school, and have realized throughout my degree that I absolutely do not want to practice law. I was initially torn between law and med when deciding on a professional degree, and chose law because I had fairly ideological views on what I could do with it. I did my undergrad in neuroscience and really enjoyed it, and am very passionate about health care. I'm planning on writing my MCAT this summer and applying to med schools for the 2018 year, and just wanted some insight on whether having a law degree may hurt or help my application? I've don
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