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  1. I'm reading a whole bunch of ethical problems and I came across a few I'd like to discuss with anybody interested 1. If someone is in a wheelchair and wants to join a school's team that's pretty competitive, what would you in the situation as the coach? Here are my thoughts.... - It seems like letting them join the team but not letting them play competitive is unethical; e.g. Would you let them join practice and not let them play competitively? - How are you supposed to show compassion to the kid without putting the whole team at risk of losing (some people may need to win fo
  2. wait i have a super dumb question - my computer background --> will they see that? If so... I need to change that :')
  3. oof ok thanks then I have to make sure all my documents are closed so they dont think im cheating. I guess the best thing to do is just restart your laptop so that you start new and there's little room for error. Thanks for replying
  4. Thank you - sorry I wasn't clear. I just took the caspr practice test with 12 questions and was looking for the personal questions. I didn't know if they just didn't showed it or if it was literally the ones "tell me about your greatest achievements" . i thought it was literally a different part of the test and wasn't sure if those were the personal questions they meant.
  5. oh sorry, i just wanted to know the type of personal questions it was as in - i took the practice caspr test and then there wasn't a section on the person questions. I was actually seriously wondering if it was demographic personal questions, or the personal questions that were within the 24 questions. Sorry I wasn't clear
  6. Things like why do you want to be a physician or something different?
  7. So I opened my ouac, went to SAM, uploaded document and submitted it. I thought i'd have to do more, like go to the other link for "review and submit" but it said no changes were made to my application. Looks... like... I'm done?
  8. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving I'll work hard on my essays. Best of luck to you!
  9. sucks to suck i guess, but im wondering why they even let people like me (who dont meet the reqs) apply?
  10. I had that fantasy that maybe they'd look at my application even though it doesnt meet the requirement... but I guess I just gave them $125 for free. Is it a waste a time if i continue writing my 8 mini essays for the abs? Since I live in north york, i wont qualify for the living in southwestern ontario. I got a 127 in cars, but they require a 129. I naively thought that because my gpa/ec's are decent.. maybe they'd overlook my shit cars. Now that I rationally think about it, they'll probably throw away my application before they read my extended abs right? my total is 382 for bb/c
  11. is there a difference with omsas though - like would submitting earlier make any difference at all? Thanks
  12. So im reading online and it says that if you submit your application in september, it's honestly too late for you and your chances of getting in is low. However, all my friends and everybody they know are submitting tomorrow right before the deadline?? Is it different for american and canadian schools? Does when you submit your applications really matter (e.g. july vs september?)
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