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  1. I am currently seeking out jobs and from what we have been told by AHS there are plenty, last time we were told there were more than 200 OT jobs in the province in AHS alone. I feel like it also depends on where you want to work. There is a lot of opportunity to go rural but even some of the hospitals are having a huge problem with vacant OT positions that they've not experienced in the past. Also it seems that Edmonton has more jobs than Calgary but hard to say. I have yet to interview so I feel like I don't have the best or most accurate understanding of the reality of the curren
  2. The first years/program will send you an email I think in the next week or two for your FB group. It's been created I know that much but I believe it's closed until they send that email out. Generally, I would advise you to be close to the train. Avoid the north east of the city it can be a bit dodgy over there. Anywhere near Whyte or just south of it will be good so Allendale and those areas. Otherwise I know a few people live downtown near corona and Grandin station and that works well for them. Try to avoid having to bus and train because it makes your commute horrible especially in t
  3. In case anyone in the future reads this, currently bc application is $375. You are on a lottery system to get an application and can rank different cities that you would be able to go to. So don't worry if you do get the chance to go to bc they will only send you to one of those towns.
  4. As I'm just wrapping it up I would say most programs have their quirks but that the staff at u of a really value student input and try to change things constantly for the better. Depending on your learning style you need to determine if you would be able to pay attention to video conferencing if you go to the Calgary campus. I can't speak to that campus itself as I didn't go but we occasionally had video conference from Calgary to Edmonton and I found it very difficult to pay attention so I'm happy I didn't go to that campus. Hmm the program content can be heavy, especially the fir
  5. I would avoid hub, I've heard horror stories about it being infested with mice. Do anywhere near Whyte or grad residence if you can afford it. With grad res you can end your lease early if you end up leaving Edmonton for your placement in may.
  6. Not sure if this is helpful or not but there were people accepted up until the day classes began last year. The girl accepted came down for the first week and then moved the next weekend. Stressful but I'm sure she would say worth it. Good luck you guys! Hope you hear sooner rather than later
  7. 1. This is tough to answer, I think all of the professors vary greatly. Within any program you will have some that are amazing and inspire you. Others leave more to be desired. I would say overall that the professors are good at what they do. To answer the next part of your question, again it's hard to generalize. I think a big thing that I learned this year was that there often is not clear cut criteria for marking (I would say this is more evident in second term). This is intentional albeit frustrating at times. The program emphasizes that you won't always have a guideline and I was ch
  8. I can only speak for uofa so let me know if there's anything specifically you want to know about. I like the school and plan on working in Alberta. That's often a big deciding factor for people because you are more likely to make connections in the province you go to school in thus have better job opportunity there. But obviously there are exceptions to this.
  9. Current student here. Second years are going to be setting up a page for you guys where you can connect with other students and try to find housing together. Some students apply for graduate residence but it is one of the pricier options. Lots of people end up sharing housing with second years or physio students etc. Another option is looking at Kijiji or rentfaster, just make sure you search your commute if you move further from u of a cause first semester there are 8am classes some days sadly. Haha. Hope that helps, we got an email from the department once the FB page was made, it likely wil
  10. I had concerns going from a kin background to OT thinking it may be a good too 'fluffy.' I wish that were the case some days. I would certainly say that in some semester there are heavier science based classes than others. First term our human systems class was 4 credits and I felt like the lab could have been a stand alone course. Many people went on weekends for at least half of the semester to practice labs for our final. That class also started with neuroscience. The rest of the classes that semester weren't so bad. Another class we had was science and research based on outcome
  11. Hi I'm at U of A right now (a female). We have about 120 students in the program and I believe 14 males, so a little more than 10%. The guys are pretty tight I would say and I don't think they find it to be a negative.
  12. https://www.ualberta.ca/occupational-therapy/msc-in-occupational-therapy/program-overview Hopefully that links straight to the slide show. I've only found the course layout under program overview on the UofA's OT site.
  13. https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/rehabilitation/faculty-site/departments/ot/documents/scholar-stream2017-3.pdf This may be helpful for those of you that are interested in the scholar stream, more information than what was on our emails
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