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  1. We all have heard of horror stories of bad associateships. What are some telltale signs you look out for to avoid a crappy associateship?
  2. Is the common rate there 40%? Is it a fiercely competitive and saturated market there? I imagine it's not as bad as Toronto or Vancouver. Is it difficult to find good associateships jobs there? How about for surrounding areas (Airdrie, Chestermere, etc)? Thanks
  3. I've heard grad requirements these days are a joke. I believe Toronto only has 5 crowns for a requirement with apparently no crown competency. Anyone verify this to be true? What are other schools like? What about Endo (canal requirements)? Some schools students graduate without doing any molar Endo! That's shocking because pretty much every employer out there expects associate to do molar Endo.
  4. This is clearly a no brainier. Go to U of S. Don't go to the USA (unless it's a last resort). There is nothing wrong with US schools per say but if you can get into Canadian school, you save tons of money. Don't even consider Buffalo.
  5. I agree with this. My first job out of school was a single full time associateship which turned out to be a total disaster. I replaced another associate (who was also a new grad) and he worked there for 2 years. He had a busy schedule. However, I had a much different experience than he did. I was hardly ever busy. Literally had 2-3 hour gaps between patients. I did not get along with staff and did not fit in with the culture of the practice. Left after about 7 months. After that horrible experience, I started doing multiple part-time positions which I think is "safer" than 1 full-time. Much
  6. Agreed. Based on my experience, it's rare to find mentorship because the owner is too busy to provide that. I think owners pretty much want you to be self-sufficient. That was my experience at my first associateship because the owner didn't really seem interested in answering my questions or helping me out. I pretty much learned on my own through Youtube videos, and Dentaltown website chatting with other dentists. Besides, I get suspicious when the owner mentions he will provide mentorship because then the owner sees you as the naive, new grad and they're more likely to pull tricks on you. I
  7. I agree with the above who said it depends. Depends on where you want to work (rural vs urban). I'm about 1 year out in BC in my 2nd associateship, and I'm grossing on average about 15-16K per month working 5 days 45 hours a week. But I know people who make significantly more than that and work less hours and people who make significantly less than that throughout the province. Generally, the Vancouver mainland, you don't make as much because of market saturation of dentists but go to a small, rural place like Fort St John or Fort Nelson, you can easily rake in +200K.
  8. Okay, I apologize in advance that this is going to be a long post, but I really need to get this out there. So, I've been working at a private dental office now for many months now since graduating dental school, and it's not been a positive experience. I feel like I am being taken advantage of. A lot of times when I would diagnose and discuss treatment plan with the patient, many times the front desk would schedule the treatment with the principal rather than with me. This doesn't happen all the time though, but it's been happening a lot. It just depresses me because I miss out on big t
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