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  1. Je ai utilisé UWorld Qbank pour mon NBME CBSE. Oui ca coute cher, mais ca vaut vrm la peine. Les Qs sont difficiles et demandent des raisonnements (besoin de reflechir, pas juste memoriser des faits). Il y a aussi des explications tres clairs qui accompagnent chaque reponse.
  2. Pour les banques de questions, tu peux essayer le UWorld Qbank, ça va t'aider aussi pour step 1 si jamais ça t'intéresse de prendre cet examen plus tard.
  3. Une autre question concernant le droit de scolarité: selon le website de ULaval, il semble que c'est approx 1500$ par session, alors 4500$ par année. Est-ce que ça reste de même pour les deux années (3eme et 4eme) en externat?
  4. Ceux qui ont fait le pre-externat en 2 ans à ULaval, est-ce qu'il y a des sessions plus relaxes que d'autres? Est-ce que la deuxième année a plus de matière que la première année? Je vais devoir travailler pour dizaine de mois durant pre-externat, et je suis en train de décider mon horaire, c'est pour ça que je demande
  5. But the thing is that when you're filling the application form for gov bursary, it never asks you what is your previous income/saving, it only asks your income for the bursary year, so I'm wondering how do they even know your previous income. I'm not planning to become a dental surgeon. I'm currently a dental surgeon (dental surgeon = dentist) who wishes to become a maxillofacial surgeon. As you said having connections might be good, thanks for your advice. I will be at ULaval.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion. I've used the LOC since my first year of dental school, and my debts are very heavy after 5 years of dental school. Dentistry is something that I enjoy doing, and I can make pretty good money at the same time. Btw I should be familiar with most of the pre-clerkship courses since I've already studied for USMLE step 1 two years ago. This is how I'm considering part-time job during med school.
  7. For you, did they reduce a lot your bursary because you worked previously? According to the formula on the website, it doesn't seem that they are actually looking at your saving from previous income, but they seem to only consider your income income received between January 1 and December 31 of the award year. (http://www.afe.gouv.qc.ca/en/loans-and-bursariesfull-time-studies/assessment/contribution/students-contribution/)
  8. Here is my situation: I'm planning to work as a dentist during my first two years in med school (pre-clerkship), and stop working during the 3rd and 4th years (clerkship) because clerkship's schedule will be much more demanding. I will apply to Quebec government bursary/loan program in the beginning of 3rd year. Do you think the government will take account the income I made before the award year. For example, if I make 40k during my first year, will the government be like "oh this guy made a lot of money during first year, and he should be able to pay for his 3rd year even though he is no lon
  9. I didn't switch. I'm still in the field of dentistry. I do med to become dual-degree OMFS.
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