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  1. ^This. I asked admissions about this and they said that the actual elective period could be anywhere from 16-24 weeks once the 2021's reach 4th year. The current outline says 24 but it sound like they'll be cutting down on it.
  2. Asked this in another thread but might as well ask here too: With that schedule, do you normally make time for observerships and shadowing specialties on the weekends or do most students do that in summer and other break periods?
  3. What seems to be popular for students interested in research is to often do it in summer. I was wondering if, with the new flexible foundation curriculum, it would be feasible to do research during the school year. I'd personally like to leave my summers alone for travel and relaxation but in case I decide to pursue a competitive specialty, it seems necessary to have research on my CV. Is it possible to do productive research on this schedule while still having some semblance of a life during school?
  4. With that schedule, do you normally make time for observerships and shadowing specialties on the weekends or do most students do that in summer and other break periods?
  5. This was something I found interesting and may be very important, especially since I would very much like to come back to Vancouver for residency if I leave for medical school. I don't think CaRMS puts out data to verify it but it makes sense. You get 4 years to network with the local residency program vs someone else that gets 2 weeks. Would it be safe to say that pretty much all of the UBC residents in say EM and Derm are UBC MDs and same goes for UofT?
  6. Thank you! I'm incredibly lucky to be in this position. On interview weekend, I got a very different vibe from the med school. They seemed super relaxed and outgoing to ensure we felt welcome. Maybe the competitiveness can't bee seen in a weekend highlight reel I guess.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I think this is a decision we have to make based on what we value. That being said, I feel I don't know very much about UBC's program and the lifestyle that its students have. Does a class that's so large actually achieve a feeling of community (almost like the feeling back in high school or for a smaller school like Queens), or is it more just make "loose friendships" throughout, do schoolwork and then head home and repeat? Academically, does UBC have a very non-competitive atmosphere? Is the program too difficult and work heavy? Too easy and light?
  8. Accepted VFMP: Time stamp: May 12th, 3:39PM PST IP OGPA: 90.5 MCAT: 518 Interview: Felt good overall, thought I killed 2 and bombed 2 ECs: research, volunteering, school clubs... nothing special just long commitments Incredibly privileged to have gotten into both UBC and UofT. I'm honestly on the fence so any input from current students would be much appreciated!
  9. Easily the greatest day ever. Result: Accepted to St. George Timestamp: 4:42am (Pacific Time) wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 518 ECs: research, school clubs, volunteer... the usual Essays: Did them quickly so typos all over, but overall were good Interview: Thought I did well at 2 stations, okay at 1 and poorly at 1 Year: 4th year UG Geography: OOP I'll be waiting on UBC before I make a decision but leaning towards UofT. If anyone has some helpful info to help me decide (if I get accepted to UBC as well), feel free to PM me!
  10. Thought that this was a very helpful thread so I'm resurrecting it instead of starting a new one with my questions. Maybe it could get stickied? If there are any current students: What does an average week in first year look like (including time spent studying)? How's the social/student life? Is there a fun community atmosphere? In general, how well do you feel supported by the faculty and administration? Are they really receptive to feedback and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate? For the 4th years and alumni: It appears that 4th year has alotted for much m
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