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  1. Are there any programs/courses out there that help with preparing for a MMI or even a standard interview in general?
  2. Does anyone feel like this applicant pool was more competitive than usual?
  3. Did anyone apply to Umanitoba for occupational therapy and if so what are your stats?
  4. I plan on applying to the OT program at UManitoba next year as an in-province applicant and my GPA for my last 60 credit hours is 4.14/4.5. With my GPA do I have a good shot of getting in?
  5. I'm pretty sure they will consider you as an in province applicant. Because in the bulletin they state that you need an undergrad degree to apply anyways, so if you declare graduation by the end of that year, they will consider you as a degree holder even if you haven't graduated yet.
  6. Will the MCAT require us to have knowledge of the statistical and research methods across the various sciences before writing the exam? The Princeton Review books places information about these methods in the appendix of their books but I don't know if they are necessary to review.
  7. For my major, I'm thinking of doing Microbiology because introductory microbio did catch my interest. However, is this a difficult degree and do later year microbio courses harm your GPA? And if so, are there any other biology programs that would be more suitable as a pre-med major?
  8. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/mother-of-6-receives-med-school-white-coat-after-15-year-wait-1.3196145
  9. I knew a guy who got in on his 2nd or 3rd try with a GPA of 4.06, but did well on the MCAT (516 score). So yeah just focus on the MCAT for now.
  10. Well I know my motor skills are limited because I'm incapable of excelling at a few sports and my handwriting is somewhat bad. Because of this, my family is advising me that I should not go into dentistry due to their 'heavy emphasis on motor skills'. I was just wondering if this is true and if that would hold me back as a dentist lol
  11. I'm considering on applying to dental school, however I think my lack of motor skills will hold me back from a career in dentistry. Is this a valid concern?
  12. If you are not from a rural area, but have work or volunteer experience (such as clinical in my case) in a rural area, can you still qualify for rural attributes?
  13. I'm currently a resident of Alberta, which is where I grew up and was raised, but I have been attending the University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business and have stayed in student residence during the fall and winter semesters for the past two years. With that being said, if I were to apply UManitoba's med school, would I be eligible for the Manitoba Applicant pool? I know one of the criteria for this pool is to complete at least two years of full time post secondary education in Manitoba while residing in Manitoba. But what do they mean by 'reside'? Would living in student residence
  14. Would it be wise to take the MCAT if I did the first semester of both organic chem and biochem, but didnt do the second semesters?
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