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  1. Does anybody know what time schools find out today about their opt-in unmatched students? Is it noon EST?
  2. I received one on June 30th which went to the junk folder. Did you not get that email?
  3. This year you seemingly wouldn't have gotten an interview (unless your academic/SE/rural attributes gave you a very significant boost). But its close enough to the line that it may be worth applying if you aren't concerned about paying the application fee.
  4. If you look at the invite thread from this year, there was somebody from OOP who got invited with a 4.1/524 and somebody who didn't get invited with a 4.2/521. So the short answer is that it's possible, but it's not even clear that the 99th percentile on your MCAT will cut it. You may need to be above the 99th percentile.
  5. The waitlist email does not say they will send one, but if you look back in this thread, they have sent one in previous years.
  6. I got an OOP offer this evening which I will almost certainly be accepting. I've gotten so much help from these forums over the past few years and I am so grateful. Best of luck to everybody still waiting! You are all amazing!
  7. I've still heard nothing from OOP. If anybody, IP or OOP, has heard anything, I'd love to know..... The waiting is worse than anything.
  8. Congrats and thanks for letting us know! Your enthusiasm on this forum has been a big help.
  9. It occurred to me - the hopeful side of me - that maybe they didn't give out any additional OOP offers today. After all, nobody has posted they got an OOP offer today. But thats probably not whats happened.
  10. Other than the people they accepted, they probably stuck everybody on the waitlist, yes. In 2015, there were 26 OOP applicants interviewed. They said said there were 29 people on the waitlist this year. If they've already given out 5-10 offers, that means they've interviewed more OOP applicants this year. Edit: Are you remaining on the waitlist aspmed?
  11. Thank you both for posting that you will be withdrawing. Its reassuring to hear, as my nerves are pretty shot at the moment (I'm on four waitlists right now). I'm just a little surprised there are so people on the OOP waitlist. I am wondering how many they interviewed. It would seem to have to be around 35-40....
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