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  1. Just got my acceptance 23 is next (unless multiple ppl got in)
  2. I just called in. I'm next and they've caught up in emails. It appears only 1 person dropped in those 3 weeks. Probably isn't a good waitlist year
  3. Hey. I just graduated from uOttawa. The physiology requirement for Western requires PHS3341+ PHS3342. For u of T, they accept ANP1105 + ANP1106 (I'm 95% sure). However, I only took PHS3341 + PHS3342 because I applied at Western.
  4. Haven't gotten an email or acceptance. I suspect in the past week 2 people would have dropped out by now, so I think we have to wait till July 17th for there to be any WL movement Update: Called in and confirmed that there will be no WL movement till July 17
  5. My #1 fan loool. And I'm not sure but I think so. I could be wrong though. Someone would have to call in to find out
  6. I emailed today for updated WL and received this response: " I am away on vacation until July 17th. I will answer your e-mail message as quickly as possible upon my return. Regards, Admissions Office Faculty of Dentistry University of Toronto " I have not received an offer yet. I am assuming that I will only receive the offer after July 17th unless there is another employee sending out offers. Also if it is at #21 then #21 is #1 and I am #2 I think.
  7. I started at #22 and they told me today that I'm #6 on the WL. So I think that they're at #16?
  8. I'll call in Friday. Give some time for the Med acceptances to come out
  9. What worked for me was: PAT: DAT Bootcamp. I did maybe 5 of the 10 practice sets. Practiced the angle simulator the most. BIO: Cliffs AP Bio + DAT bootcamp + Kaplan BIO MCAT CHM: DAT Bootcamp + Kaplan CHM MCAT RC: DAT Bootcamp A friend gave me his MCAT books so I gave it a read. There's a lot of extra info though but the Kaplan books present them in a more practical setting than the DAT study material - they give applications of the info they're giving so I found it interesting. I started prepping intermittently a month in advance. For the first 2 weeks I read Cliffs AP Bio and d
  10. Hey everyone, I noticed that there wasn't a dedicated thread for the wait list countdown. I called in today and they told me there isn't a website to find out the wait list progression, rather I would have to call in periodically during the summer. I was thinking we could start this thread to share the progression so we don't have to each call in over and over again. So I'm #22 on the WL. I'm assuming they are at #1 of the WL as of today. Let the countdown begin. Hopefully it is a good WL year
  11. You can call in and ask. Im going to call in tomorrow to ask about my interview score. I already know it was well below average but I wonder how far below. EDIT: Called in today. They can't give your exact score. They state the average interview score was 28/35 (for all interviewed not accepted). And then they state if you were above or below average.
  12. Result: Waitlist #22 GPA: 3.98 ish IP DAT: 25AA, 23PAT Interview: Bad. Pre-interview rank was #10. So I dropped over 100 spots. I really need to work on my interview skills. Didn't feel like I gave very strong answers. Congrats to all that got in!
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