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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm definitely going to give it a shot and if I don't get in at least I'll have stats to base myself upon (rankings). I'm getting my bachelors of science now once I finish my exams in April I guess, and after in September I start my masters, and from there I am a fully trained PT. I'm definitely hesitating for the MCAT because of the time, and especially the money haha. I may give it a shot one year without it and depending on my stats take the MCAT the following year if I end up deeming it helpful. I may change my mind and end up doing it this year th
  2. I think continuing ed is possible at my school, I'll look into doing it post-grad/ potentially starting a second undergrad after graduating if I'm up to it. I'm so close to becoming a PT that I think the safest route is doing the masters in order to have that career as back-up. Thanks for all the advice
  3. I don't think staying another year is even possible .... I'm studying through the Quebec stream so cegep students usually do 3 year undergrads afterwards here. I finished all my required courses (at the end of april) for my degree, is there any possible way that I could even delay it? Could I apply with one year of bachelors after my masters or would I have to do minimum 60 credits with a completed 2nd degree in order to apply again?
  4. Can't do a fourth year as my undergrad is a continuum, so I have to automatically do a masters next year in order to be able to practice as a PT in Quebec. For Western, I have 3.68 for one year and 3.95 (predicted) for the other.... will a 3.68 be okay or is it really a rigid cut-off? I know I'd be on the lower end but if it's worth a shot I'll send in the application just to see what comes out of it.
  5. Thank you so much for your input! So just to make sure I understand, I should not take the MCAT as it isn't quite necessary? and Queens/Western may be feasible (3.815 average without the first year), hopefully? Ottawa gives me a wGPA of 3.65, which is better, but not quite competitive I think.
  6. Congrats on the acceptance!! That's awesome! I also have a question- do professional degrees offer any type of boost to the GPA? I've tried to search for the answer but haven't seemed to find anything related to that. Thanks for your help and congrats again!!!
  7. Hello everyone, Sorry to create a new thread of this sort, but I don't think my situation is quite the same as others on this thread. Basically, I'm wondering if I have a chance to get into an MD program or if I should just give up at this point. I'm studying physiotherapy at UdeM, currently at my last year of undergrad. Doing the masters next year. Grades: 1rst year UG: 2.74, 2nd year UG: 3.68, 3rd year UG: 3.95 (projected) , cGPA: 3.31 (these grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale according to my % final grades, because UdeM grades are on a 4.3 scale) My first year is really ba
  8. C'est sans la liste d'attente. Je connais des cégépiens qui sont rentrés avec autour de 33.2... mais vraiment vers la fin de l'été. Je ne crois pas qu'il y ait des gens avec des cotes R en-dessous de 33.
  9. Thank you for both your replies! Everything is much clearer now. Also, knowing that it's possible to reach that GPA is motivating. I'll make sure to work hard for it! Good luck to you guys on your finals!! x
  10. Hey guys! I'm currently in Cegep and did not manage to get into medicine this year (one bad semester for personal reasons brought my R score down). I am thinking of going into physiotherapy next year at mcgill in order to boost my grades/ have a degree that I like as a back-up. Here are my questions: 1) I read for mcgill medicine, I must complete a 90 credit (3 years) program in order to apply. Will my cegep prerequisites still count in my future application? Does physiotherapy include any electives ? (Doesn't seem to have all the prereqs @ university that can be used instead of the pre
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