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  1. Looks like you're in a good spot. Closer to when it comes time to applying you may have to re calculate your GPA based on the different formulas to get a more specific idea of where you stand. The ECs you listed look good too and if presented well and read by the right person shouldn't hold you back. Remember that employment counts too so your wealth management job (and I imagine you held previous internships or jobs before your full time offer) can all be used. You'll have to take the MCAT so make sure you do your research on how to prepare in your situation and what sections Cal
  2. Not all of them, but some will definitely be in that scenario style format. Although the topic/level will be adjusted for the first/second year level, so more reasonable than the progress test haha.
  3. Ahh ya you raise a good point... canadian students interested in writing it may want to consider taking it after it becomes Pass/Fail (whenever that is). Thanks and kudos to you on passing it! I'm sure it took a lot of work.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm entering 2nd year at a 4 year program and was just curious about how how important taking Step 1 is. From what I've been reading (and I could be wrong!) it's mostly important for: Keeping residency programs in the states open (in that case, try to score competitively) Keeping fellowship training in certain states open (score might matter, but not as much as residency?) Working in certain states It seems that the classmates who have been considering writing it are interested in surgical specialties. The only problem is that I still don't know what t
  5. I think this will reaaaaally vary. All my highest hour/impact experiences (by faaaar) were paid experiences (other than a sport entry, but that's not "volunteering"), and I had many blank entries in the other sections and it seemed to work out. However, it could have been grades, IP status, and other things that carried my possibly very low NAQ. Like others have mentioned it'll depend a lot on luck, who reads it etc. You won't know if you don't try, good luck
  6. Sort of off topic here and don't want to derail this thread (feel free to PM, IF you even have the time to reply haha). But any advice on being efficient when it comes to skipping lecture? I just finished first year and loved it, but definitely wasn't very efficient. I attended most non-fos lectures/activities but because I wasn't always retaining much I found I had to spend quite a bit of time at home studying. When you skip lecture, do you go along day by day trying to follow what would have been covered in class? Or do you like cram the week's content in one day, or just don't w
  7. Ya I totally understand that this experience isn't what anyone probably expected/hoped for first year medical school :(. Also, considering you commuted so much for undergrad (props to you, I honestly have no idea how you did it!) moving closer would have been an amazing experience too.
  8. Can't answer your specific question unfortunately but from what I can tell it does seem doable (although of course not ideal to commute that much). Not sure what the 2024 email said, but the 2023 email basically said that all VFMP activities will be online, except for MAYBE clinical skills and the family medicine office visits. Clinical skills are one afternoon a week (usually in VGH area but not always), and family medicine offices can be anywhere in the lower mainland and pretty sure it's random assignment (so in theory you could get placed near where you currently live if you're luck
  9. Just going on the order you listed your grades, didn't interview at most of these schools and requirements might have changed since I went through this process. - Mcmaster doesn't seem out of the question depending on how casper goes - I think Queen's used to be a black box but I do remember people saying it was a threshold for GPA and MCAT (which I think you would meet) and beyond that was your ECs. - Toronto does some seem pretty grades focused but a 3.93 is probably still solid. Will depend on your ECs, References, Essays - I remember UWO being cutoffs for grades and
  10. Interesting that you mention the interviewers being that responsive! I honestly don't remember if anything like that happened during mine, it's all a blur. It sounds like you did a lot of the typical "right stuff" to prepare and like I said I didn't think I interviewed well at all so i'm not sure how much additional insight I can provide. Plus COVID. I think what helped me go from struggling with interviews all throughout university and beyond to interviewing for medical school was just talking more (i'm very shy). Doing jobs that forced me to present things, answer people's questions on
  11. Hey, really sorry to hear that you didn't get the news you wanted. Realize that it's subjective and hard to say what below average means. I'm by no means an interview expert (they have always been a huge hurdle for me when applying to jobs etc), and I thought the actual UBC one went TERRIBLY so i'm not too qualified to help here and hopefully someone better replies. But here are my thoughts - No right answer here and I think everyone will approach it differently. I don't think structure is inherently bad and you can be structured while still coming across personable/relaxed (smile when yo
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