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  1. How do we inform of our home school adcoms of this unethical premed student without sounding petty?
  2. Great interview weekend. Good luck to those still preparing and may the best applicants get selected.
  3. It could be either. I called them last week
  4. Yes. My name is short for "get rich in experiences and love"
  5. Called and admissions said it could be this or next week. Hope the best candidates get accepted.
  6. Are you a social activist? I notice your signature block with #metoo and you seem to be very vocal in these social justice matters.
  7. What are your plans for where and what to do
  8. I'm interested in splitting. Female so would rather it be a female roommate..
  9. Stats and activities are all average accepted applicant. You should be on par and good. Interview is deciding factor
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