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  1. Yes, you can accept and hold your spot till June payment deadline all while not interfering with your UofT position
  2. Majority of what toothurty and Steins;Gate discussed above also applies to western in regards to curriculum, environment, staff quality, and involvement opportunities Some specifics: - Class rankings are not communicated - We also have the AO frat, as does UofT - Perio classifications are updated to the current standards in our didactic and clinical education to ensure the expected standard of care - Our issues are quite easily communicated with profs, since majority know us by first name basis (rescheduling exams, clinical case discussions with profs, etc) - We have a student iss
  3. I'm not sure if there is a GPA expiration date for consideration at UWO. I would call the admissions office and ask - I'm sure they wouldn't mind shedding some light on this very specific circumstance. An 89.4% average, with decent DAT scores, and a well-rounded ABS + personal statement would definitely be competitive, considering previous year's admittance stats. Consider doing some shadowing as well, if you haven't already, just to further be able to solidify your reasons for the career change. There are numerous students throughout all 4 years currently who are in their 30s (either finis
  4. It's for all four years and it's a great deal. You'd be a member for all 4 years of your degree, plus your first year practicing is free membership! Includes your CPR course fees for all 4 years in your degree + entrance to their ASM yearly event for free + free learning seminars held throughout the year + access to their full members discounts (TFC tickets, hotels, food, car dealerships, Canada's Wonderland deals, lenovo deals, telecom deals, and a bunch more...)
  5. End of second year, you get 1 paeds case. I think that's what Incisor94 was referring to
  6. A bunch of dental students live there actually! I'd say it's about a 5-10 minute bus ride from the dental school. Single apartments are quite a rarity, as not many people let go of them. If you get an upgraded unit, they're quite nice actually and are within a minute walk from a large mall and commercial area.
  7. Asking any bank branch will lead to you not getting the best deal. I'm not sure where you intend on attending come fall, so I can't personally refer you to any specific individuals. Seeking out a Professional Business Advisor in any bank branch will resolve your issue - Scotia and RBC are the main ones pushing for the 300K prime-0.25 rate as of now. If you intend on going with anyone else, you can simply match that offer FYI, last year majority of my classmates got 275k prime-0.25. We have the option to bump the max to match what is currently being offered
  8. We're working on a document for you guys on things to complete this summer before the big start. Look out for it in the next few days through the class facebook group
  9. As long as the changes occurred to elective courses you were taking during the past academic year (in which you applied), then it doesn't matter as year of application isn't considered for GPA calculation
  10. Congratulations and hope to see you in the fall! After you accepted the offer, on student center your green circle should become a green check mark or vice versa (I can't remember the exact shape haha). You need to setup Western Tuition as a payable through your bank branch, with your student number (most likely beginning in 250...) being the reference for the deposit. Exact tuition costs for 2018 will be posted later in the summer nearing the end of August, after when your first deposit is due. Normally, there is an increase in costs from year to year
  11. Your question relates to practically every large scale interviewing process. I think you can use your judgment and make some educated guesses as to how this is done
  12. Go to costco and print off a 30 cent one if your interview is tomorrow
  13. Ever since the ABS/PS, the interviewed pool between UWO and UofT started to overlap in candidates less. Contrast that to years prior where practically all those that interviewed for one almost interviewed for the other. Because of that, I’d expect similar numbers of interviews at UWO this year UWO also has no cap on OOP applicants they admit, so I’d assume more OOP apply as well
  14. You won't have enough time to work many hours, if you do choose to take a part time job, hence you won't be making much money to make it worthwhile and you probably will increase the likelihood of burning out. Take it easy! With the free time you do get, you should cherish it and relax. After the 4 years, you will miss a lot of the privileges of being a relatively care-free adult Edit: For perspective, in Schulich 1st year your gen med block lasts around 4 months of 35 hour weeks. Dental school imo is a full time job as is
  15. In regards to how you should prepare for the interview, I think as I mentioned previously in this thread, practice and reflect on scenarios in your life that have shaped who you are, your outlook, personality, and character. Knowing yourself is vital so you can communicate why you suit what Schulich is looking for in an applicant when you are conversing with the panel. Don't embellish or fake who you are so you can conform yourself to what you think the ideal candidate is - the interviewers are generally good at reading right through that. Be yourself and express your genuine strengths. O
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