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  1. alot of them (not all) require it be part of a degree so u should be good but verify indiviually w/ each school u r interested in
  2. winters in Ottawa are terrible, other than that its a great city. that's my input on that but personally, Western's curriculum seems like the dream come true and I think the pros outway the possible cons of the transition problems
  3. Try using a VPN, I have experience of western student portal not working abroad but that fixed it
  4. Edit: going to review my exam tomorrow but looks like a lost cause as final grade has already been sent it. thanks guys. gonna take this painful L especially considering the circumstances that lead up to me not doing well on the midterm. 3.69 being that close hurts
  5. amazingly the pm101 averages are really close to the average stats given by Schulich. but i have a feeling especially for GPA averages are going to be different now especially with ABS factor
  6. Are you applying for paid or volunteer opportunities? It's easier to get a volunteer opportunity if you really want some research experience under your belt, alot of places are desperate for free labour. Emailed a major research institute/hospital attached to my school and got a response & was interviewed within a week. Paid positions are harder to get, I was able to get a paid position for this summer but I highly believe that was because of my volunteer research experience (only 3 months so far) + I had previously volunteered for the organization hosting the research for 2+years
  7. anyone in Ottawa currently studying for mcat?
  8. legal action been done multiple times and does not lead to much but your name being tarnished! although painful, the school reserves their right to make admission changes https://www.macleans.ca/education/post-graduate/medical-school-rejection-violated-my-charter-rights/?utm_source=macleans&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=tag_list
  9. I think the main problem here is that because of the lack of transparency it's hard to "identify why"
  10. for conditional acceptance based on one conditional year. is acceptance/waitlist position only based on GPA of the conditional year or do they factor in the part GPA of the current year. like say hypothetically someone had a lower gpa 3.74 on the conditional year but a 3.9 on the current year. would their post-interview rank be based off 3.74 and the updated first term marks?
  11. the only tuition decrease happening is making student fees (for student unions, bus/gym and other services) optional so that's merely a $300 decrease. This is terrible news
  12. i think there's already a discord group https://discord.gg/nqKDNCe
  13. gone through the forum (possibly might have missed something) but it seems only Grad students are getting in with lower GPAs like 3.5 and im wondering if there's anyone whos got an interview with a 3.4/3.5 wGPA as an undergrad (with MCAT being a nonfactor) 2nd year 3.0 & 3rd year 3.85 (still have one year left)
  14. i knew about Queens, Dal and Western but not the others. can someone please confirm the schools with 2-year focus and the conditions? because U of A & U of C seems more like 3 years
  15. honestly better of studying on your own, there are great online resources & if you really need some help better of getting a tutor focusing on your weak spots than 2 grand on a prep course. - from a psych major doing that right now. the MCAT subredit should be your best friend.
  16. it encourages to use a different activity for each but not penaliziing repeating activites as long as they r relevant
  17. You can have as many as u went in the general sketch for omsas but for western's abv. sketch MAX 8 2 each representing diversity, teamwork/leadership, social accountability/responsibility, and self-directed learning/critical inquiry.
  18. hey when do you plan on writing your testing? im thinking either Jan or March. i am also in a similar situation, Psych degree. although i already studied this summer but ill be restarting everything after haven taken a month break to restrategize
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