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  1. There you go guys and girls, I was #5 and just denied my admission (really had to recheck about 5 times to make sure I was accepted to Laval - Yess I know I'm being paranoid but hey). I wish all of you on the waitlist the best of chances in the coming summer (and later on of course but hopefully you'll get in this year). So long it was fun.
  2. Je prend une chance mais je me questionnais à savoir si certains avaient réussi à se faire créditer certains cours (notamment en épidémiologie) après avoir complété un PhD?
  3. I also thought It went horribly but hey seems that was enough. To be perfectly honest though you guys are lucky that my girlfriend put her foot down (kidding she's wonderful) cuz otherwise I would have chosen McGill.
  4. Yeah I got in the PhD contingent in Laval!!! I guess it's one more spot on the waitlist for McGill
  5. Thanks for your post. It reinforces what I believe to be the greatest asset of McGill which is to lend more importance (or at least subjective evaluations) to experience and I for myself would also really like to see this trend in French universities. I AM SO TORN
  6. Thank you both for your answers. Another thing I am 39 with 2 Bacchelor's degree a master a PhD, and a postdoc. Yes I really like to learn!
  7. Je cherche la sagesse générale afin de prendre une décision un peu plus éclairée sur mon choix de programme à savoir si je vais à Laval (où j'ai déjà été accepté) ou à McGill (où je suis présentement #2 sur la liste d'attente). Backstory: Je réside à Trois-Rivières depuis ma naissance je préfère la ville de Québec et ma copine a de la famille (j'ai aussi plus d'amis qui résident à Québec). J'attend vos pour et/ou contre. Merci à l'avance
  8. Yeah I thought that was you. Congratulations on both acceptances. You were really nice and down to earth. No doubt in my mind that you will make an incredible physician.
  9. Accepté candidat PhD! Je n'en reviens tout simplement pas. Par contre je suis aussi #2 sur la liste d'attente à McGIll alors dure décision en vue. Mais un très beau problème.
  10. I tend to agree! Unless you were the cute asian girl interviewing on Tuesday afternoon, then come to McGill! Just kidding, hope everything goes well for you and congrats on the acceptance!
  11. Hang in there guys, no matter what happens you'll get in if you keep motivated and try again. On the bright side even if you get in in 3 or 4 years you'll still be younger than me when you graduate . But from now on let's just hope for the best for you this year! And you never know what will happen on may 16th
  12. It moved this morning. Now at #4. Keep hoping #13 is totally doable.
  13. It's not... last year I had a 33.6 of CRU since I did not submit an old bachelor's degree that I did (graduated 16 years ago) and this year it dropped to 30.2 so not many chances of getting in with that kinda grades
  14. Yeah I'm kinda hopeful for this year. Although yeah I will be going to Laval if (and that is a huge IF) I'm selected under the PhD candidate contingent. 8/20 so I like my chances but my CRU is horrific and my casper didn't go very well so
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