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  1. I'm in Chilliwack, BC where we do a lot of extra emerg on top of the regular ER rotation (1 shift per month minimum, and options to pick up many more). Our program is well-known for its ER training, both in terms of grads going onto PGY-3 and in terms of preparing people to work independently in smaller communities without having to get the extra training. Roughly half my year is planning to do an R3 in emerg, and the program is good at making time for you to get in ER electives before the R3 applications open. E.g. we generally don't have any electives in PGY-1, but for all my colleagues who
  2. I've read this one before. One thing that I find interesting is that a lot of it seems to do with the author's personality and approach to things rather than medicine in general. She talks a lot about uncertainty and doubt about her practice, and dwelling on her decisions constantly. That's definitely not something everyone experiences. I've met people like that in medicine, and it seems like it's a terrible mindset to have to deal with. I don't know if that makes you a better or worse doctor, but it sure increases your stress 10000-fold. I consider myself lucky in that I generally can make de
  3. I stand corrected, things must've changed lately - I haven't looked at this for a few years. Thanks!
  4. You have 2 years after grad to do the +1.
  5. Depends, I like UpToDate because it's succint and there isn't a ton of references in the body of the text. They also have nice patient handouts. Dynamed, however, is good for things such as researching alternative medicine or less commonly used treatments. If a patient brings in a bottle of pills from a health food store and asks, "Is the stuff in here any good," it's Dynamed that I end up using.
  6. It's been a while since I saw anything worthwhile from anyone beyond my closest group of friends. For me, it's mostly a way to share funny things and chat with a select few.
  7. Depends, if you have a job now, getting a mortgage shouldn't be too hard. I applied for it while I was still working full-time and didn't say I was going to start med school. My parents gave me the downpayment and the mortgage was mine. Cons: 1) I moved for residency, so I had to make a decision to sell or rent. The real estate prices on the type of building my condo is in have actually decreased, so I would definitely lose some $ selling it. 2) Also, I invested a fair bit into obligatory repairs throughout the 4 years I lived there - probably close to $15,000 for things like roof rep
  8. GPs can do corticosteroid injections, but most will limit themselves only to large joints (shoulder and knee). Rheumatologists often also do steroid injections, and they can do it in very small joints. Sports med docs (2+1 FM training) will also do the more advanced stuff. May I ask what the issue is?
  9. LOL, sounds like a winning situation to me! I got kicked out of the OR once by a very emotionally volatile surgeon - half an hour earlier, he had praised me to everyone in the room and said I was destined to be a surgeon, but then I failed to name some stupid nerve, at which point he decided I had no business assisting. He told me to "get the hell out" of his OR, I said, "cool beans" and headed out to enjoy nice May weather early.
  10. I agree. Things happen. Even if you don't have a "legitimate" excuse (car trouble, whatever), EVERYONE has been late somewhere at some point. I suspect this person lives in a glass house. It only becomes a professionalism issue when it's a pattern. I can think of DOZENS of times when I was on time for something, but the staff or lecturer wasn't. There's always some excuse "but they are so busy and important!" Well, you KNOW you have a lecture in the morning, if you have to round beforehand, then come in earlier on that day.
  11. I'm pretty indifferent about cars. Function-wise, my dream is a small 4WD SUV, like the one I have now (Suzuki Grand Vitara), but with a more powerful engine and jacked up with all sorts of cool stuff for offroading - winch, chains, roof rack storage, etc. I would like my car to be able to tow a sleeper trailer or a boat without trouble. As a couple, I think it's a great combo to have 4WD vehicle with room for storage for outdoor pursuits/winter driving and a second vehicle that's very economical. My husband has a decrepit Honda Civic, when it goes the way of the dodo bird, we'll be getti
  12. Old enough to go to med school, still a virgin, but obviously not for religious/moral reasons or else you wouldn't ever consider selling your virginity for cash. Intriguing!
  13. You absolutely CAN transfer from a 2-yr program to a 5-yr, I know someone who did. That was a few years ago, so I cannot tell you how exactly it was done or whether the same route is an option, but it's possible. Look into it.
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