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  1. Hopefully thats not the case. I was checking all of last week and the seats stayed the same until last wednesday when they decreased by 1 (which I believe would be your acceptance) then continued to remain the same until this tuesday. I called the office on monday and Rae said they were still giving out acceptances.
  2. Do they even look at everyones application? Seems like they are accepting on a first come first serve basis.
  3. anyone know what date last year they gave out the majority of acceptances by? i know someone said they can give some before school starts but were they done by july 15th or earlier ?
  4. anyone know how many applications U of A pharmacy received this year? I read somewhere that last year Rae said they received 512.
  5. almost positive that is not the case. after careful thought why would they want to review 700 interview self tapes or more (depending on how many people actually applied this year) when they could be reviewing only those that are likely prospects of getting into the program based on LOI and gpa thus far. this would bring the number of interview invites down to 300-400 like previous years.
  6. do you know if everyone got this email or only those that are likely prospects of getting the interview email later on in april?
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