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  1. Although I did my undergrad in Ontario, my school also offered only one organic chemistry course with a lab component. The rest of the organic chemistry (higher level) courses have a separate lab course. So I had to take three different courses to fulfil the requirement: organic chemistry 1 (with a lab component), organic chemistry 2 (without the lab), and organic chemistry 2 Laboratory.
  2. Received the offer at 10AM PST. It was such a long wait but it was surely worth it!! Good luck to those who are still waiting
  3. Congrats! Hopefully the waitlist will keep on moving..
  4. I thought the same from reading the last year threads.. There won't be a lot of people giving up their spots.. I wish they would give us a waitlist position number at least.
  5. Received an waitlist email at 9:34AM PST as well. Does anyone know how many people are normally in the waitlist? What are the chances of getting admitted from the waitlist (maybe based on the last year or the year before)?
  6. Does anyone still have their beartrack saying "this application requires action"? Mine said that because of my final transcript.. I called the school and they said they received my final transcript, but haven't processed/reviewed it, therefore, they haven't sent it to the faculty of pharmacy yet.. getting really worried because people started receiving their offer..
  7. U of T and Waterloo are releasing the results soon. Hopefully some reject the UBC offer so that UBC can send out more offers to rest of us..
  8. Do you know if the waiting list emails have been sent out?
  9. Thanks for sharing this info! Did she say around when they will be done sending out the offer?
  10. I still haven't received anything yet.. Im getting impatient.
  11. Congrats! When is the deadline to accept the offer?
  12. Does anyone know if they have sent out the waitlist emails? Or did they only send out the acceptance&rejection so far?
  13. Congrats! Was your application status (on the ubc student service centre website) changed as soon as you got the offer?
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