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  1. I was in the same position as you and am enrolled in a grad program this year. I say it's worth it, as it furthers your experience and provides a good backup. What programs are you interested in? If they are masters like OT/PT/SLP.. then the grades won't count at most medical schools anyways. If it's a program like pharm/dent/optometry/law/teaching then you might want to be careful because the grades will likely count, and some of those programs have notoriously difficult grading curves. However, a lot of other graduate programs have high curves where basically no one gets under 80%, even
  2. In the same boat also. Practiced a lot with med students, doctors and other applicants this year and got below average. Also went overboard reading ethics and other news. Felt better prepared compared to other interviews but results didn't reflect that. We got this guys. Another year of hard work and a bit of luck and we can crack the interview! Maybe we should start an interview support group.
  3. I feel you. This was technically my 3rd cycle and now 4th post-interview rejection. Running out of hope. Does anyone have advice for talking to your verifiers year after year? I get defeated at thought of emailing them all again, telling them I didn't get in again, asking them to be a verifiers for another cycle. How did you word it for them to not lose hope too?
  4. Sorry to hear this . Maybe it was one of your references? Sooo confusing, your app looks good.
  5. Felt decent. I was happy that I was calm and the interview felt very conversational. Overall my first station felt bad, also like I was off topic. I probably could have done better on one of the acting stations. Otherwise the stations felt good or average.
  6. Same. I'm starting to think it's a problem with my personality after so many post-interview rejections. Maybe it's time for me to move on.
  7. Just got regrets. Here goes another year of applying. Congrats to those accepted and best of luck to those waitlisted! P.S. Does anyone know how to use the inspect element so I can determine my exact NAQ score?
  8. From their "Admission Selection Process" website, there is a (new?) section that says: "Unsuccessful applicants, and in particular those who were placed on the waitlist, may submit a request to schedule a 30-minute appointment with an Admissions Officer to discuss how an application is evaluated." Does that mean we can get feedback on an unsuccessful application? It would be great to know whether it's my ECs, interview, reference letters, context score or a combination of the above that's tanking me. Or does this just mean that someone can go into further detail on how they select
  9. Time stamp : 8:30 Decision: Regrets GPA: 3.93 Context: rural upbringing but not in northern Ontario, completed undergrad in a major city EC: quite a bit of work with Indigenous communities, a lot of volunteering in various things, no research
  10. Not yet, anxiously waiting. I hope it's not too long still. Pretty sure I got a rejection email last year around 10:30-11:30. It's going to be a painful wait if it's then again
  11. You don't have to provide any rural mentors to complete the rural portion of the application. The maximum you can include is 3. Perhaps some of your professors at Selkirk will become mentors for rural practice in the future? Best of luck!
  12. SAME. The internal battle has got me thinking about what I'm going to do to improve my application if I don't get in again. Getting a better job and bolstering ECs is nearly impossible with the pandemic right now. Might be time to go back to school for something different. Fingers crossed none of us will need to use backup plans this cycle!
  13. Here's what worked on me (f) by a classmate that I was friendly with but didn't know too well. He slid into my DM's/got my # by asking me for help with a school project (even though he didn't really need help lol). Then he got the conversation going about personal things and later suggested we meet up based on a common interest (which turned into a date). Maybe get a conversation going by bringing up something you are both working on for school. Then ask her how she is holding up during this pandemic. If she doesn't ask you questions back or keeps replies short then it might mean she isn
  14. Quarantine makes waiting for results feel soo much longer. sos
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