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    Pippa756 got a reaction from M3DT3A in Personal statement?   
    Yeh very different from US where you have the primary documents (standard PS and your AMCAS entries) before the schools give you their school specific admission essay questions. Here in Canada your primary application is basically the equivalent of both your primaries and secondaries in the US. 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Lily95 in Make A Six Word Story About Life   
    Breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.
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    Pippa756 reacted to dentdreams101 in Anyone know of good MMI Prep Companies/Consultants?   
    I've tried both medapplications and BeMo. 
    BeMo all the way. So professional, and I genuinely saw myself getting better during the couple of weeks they were training me via skype.
    I hated medapplications. They were unprofessional, would often promise me something and would send it days later (even when it's time sensitive), didn't find them useful at all. 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Med Eye in Music For Studying?   
    Lot of great playlists on YouTube and Spotify. Personally, find Max Richter mixes pretty good for atmosphere while studying or trying to concentrate :-)
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    Pippa756 reacted to MedCoachMD in 2 weeks until panel interview: how should I use my remaining time effectively?   
    What I did was visualize myself doing well in the interview room every night before I went to sleep.
    Believe what you will - but I truly believe it gave me the confidence I needed on interview day to do well
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from mew in 2 weeks until panel interview: how should I use my remaining time effectively?   
    And don't forget to get your mind and body in sync. Regular exercising, good diet, meditation and mindfulness practices will help you a lot, especially if yu can keep these good habits through your last days prior to interview. Best of luck with the rest of your preparations and your upcoming interview :-) 
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    Pippa756 reacted to ellorie in Doctor has sexual relations with patient   
    Maybe if the criminal justice system were respectful, not grossly retraumatizing, and not filled with systemic oppression, survivors would feel more comfortable relying on it. 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from TheApiarist in -   
    May I add I found the breathing and mindfulness techniques from Yoga very helpful for all kinds of stressful situations and, in particular, interview scenarios.
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from brady23 in What is your lifestyle like in med school?   
    Ugh doesn't sound too healthy :-(
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    Pippa756 reacted to Hanmari in .   
    That's my year - I hope that was the result of a goodwill gesture of a worthy colleague. It might've just been the worthy colleague him/herself though. On second thought are you sure it wasn't just one of us going home postcall?
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from hartk48 in .   
    The plot thickens - we need some more thorough investigation here.
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from luciferase in Book recommendations   
    Great book!
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    Pippa756 reacted to nice in Trent is literally scamming parents   
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from la marzocco in OOP McGill Applicant Recommended courses question   
    Very helpful - thanks.
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from obiwankenobi in Should I Retake the MCAT?   
    Agree ...
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Dynamite in 5th year vs one year Masters?   
    Also, have you thought about US a a back-up plan next year (too late this year)? Even as an international student there are a number of schools where you would be competitive at sooner than in Canada if all goes well GPA wise in the next year or two for you. 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Clapton in Beards in surgery or hospital   
    But what if I want to get my Conor McGregor on: fook that shit (not the beard)!!!

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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Halazar in Med Student Budget Example   
    Thanks for this :-)
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    Pippa756 reacted to obiwankenobi in When does OMSAS open for upcoming cycle?   
    OMSAS is open! Good luck everybody  
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    Pippa756 reacted to lulu95 in 2 med school references. 1 workplace?   
    I think it's usually preferred that your references are from different places so that they can speak to your capacities in different roles (academics, community, leadership, etc). While it may not be viewed negatively (and I'm not entirely sure about that), you're missing out on a chance to have you references help you showcase how you fit with different aspects of CANMEDS. You may think that the others don't know you as well, but if you have a conversation with them about it, you'll get a better gauge of whether that's true; sometimes people are more observant than you might think. 
    Also, depending on where you're applying, they may not accept the PhD student as the reference when there is another supervisor available. Saskatchewan, at least,  told me to use my PI as the reference when I asked about it, despite the fact that I rarely saw the PI and mostly worked with the PhD student. 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from HappyAndHopeful in ABS Outline   
    That's what I heard. Be surprised if they bring it back now. :-)
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from SoraAde in Course Year Level needed for eligibility   
    Thanks for this, good to know.
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    Pippa756 reacted to la marzocco in Several ways to access medical studies ?   
    Hi David, I am going to offer a few perspectives given that I recently went through an admission cycle and I had a few friends with an international background similar to yours. 
    If you are not a Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, you would normally fall under the "international/foreign applicant" category. Even if you do your premier cycle in Canada via a student visa, you will still fall under the "international" category.
    There are a limited number of spots under the international category. From the data from the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, there was approximately 278 international applicants applying to a Canadian medical school. I believe the admission rate for foreign applicants is about 4.3% given how limited the amount of spots there are. 
    My question to you is are you looking for a francophone or anglophone medical school in Canada? Presuming you want a francophone medical school (given you are French, hence more comfortable with French as the language of instruction), there are a few universities: 
    Université de Sherbrooke (in Québec) Université de Montréal (in Québec) Université Laval (in Québec) Université d'Ottawa (in Ontario) - there is a French stream The biggest barrier is that not all schools have an international category. I would look at each Canadian medical school to see if they have an international category. On the top of my head, I believe Queen's university in Ontario has 5 spots (maximum). But that's an anglophone university in Ontario. It would be helpful for you to look at each school and examine closely. 
    Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!
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    Pippa756 reacted to seventeenfour44 in Importance Of References   
    I wish there was a Mr Duck for every ON med school 
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    Pippa756 got a reaction from Dentiste in Is Mac A Bad Med School?   
    Having lived in US, UK and Australia for different periods the reputation of Canadian med schools seems really high. Not sure why I keep seeing this about their reputation on here so often :-/ Only thing I have against Mac is MMIs and CASPer - lol - why oh why!!!! 
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