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  1. Heya, I know the decision is frustrating, from my understanding the reason to exclude comes from the fact that most students did not have formal final exams for winter 2020 at McGill university. I know that this is not true for all universities so I can only speak for McGill, i know that at McGill my friends told me the exams they did have in science were open book and they had either 2 or 3 days to complete it, so all 3 of them managed to get a 4.0 gpa for the semester due to the fact that formal exams were cancelled and they were able to use their notes and the internet to comp
  2. From my understanding the reason to exclude comes from the fact that most students did not have formal final exams for winter 2020, I don't know if this was the case for all the universities, i know that at McGill my friends told me the exams they did have in science were open book and they had either 2 or 3 days to complete it, so all 3 of them got a 4.0 gpa for the semester due to the fact that formal exams were removed and they were able to use all their notes and the internet to complete the final exams over the course of the 48/72 hour time window they had to complete the exam. I re
  3. I think deadlines for cegep and MDM applicants might be different too? due to different application times?
  4. It says all grades need to be submitted by January 15 2021 from what I read I think? please correct if i'm wrong. They send out offers in march so I don't think it would have a May 30 deadline
  5. Its for this coming year Application Fall 2020 - for admission for fall 2021 on their pdf I am pretty sure here https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/admissions_update_for_2021_applications.pdf it says " CHANGES FOR THE FALL 2021 ADMISSIONS CYCLE:" On main page it also says " changes for admissions for fall 2021" Fall 2021 admission cycle means you are applying this year for admission in 2021 year I've been trying for 3 years now, so I really hope this will be my year, fingers crossed for getting an interview for next year.
  6. Thank you amazing very helpful! in that case I have all the prerequisites already, I did them all in 2008-2010. I will still finish option 2 anways as I'm almost done with them anyways and if they do end up counting the grades for future years I will have done them with an improved prerequisite score.
  7. Hi Everyone, I read the website over a few times and I had the following questions To give some context, I did not apply to Mcgill this year, I am re-doing option 2 prerequisites this year. I did quite well on interview the times I applied but haven't gotten in due to prerequisites. This year I made the decision to not apply and re-do my prerequisites while balancing two jobs which has been tough I'm just worried if those prerequisites will still count? 1) From my understanding prerequisite grades no longer count past the interview point, correct? based on this my understanding is
  8. HI, I'm sorry for you rejections I know how shitty it is, and how hard it is to get up and try again the following year Reading your posts I think its definitely your prerequisites, This is my third interview and third rejection, and this one was hard to swallow for sure, especially finding out I got in top third of those who interviewed this year. All I can say is keep trying and improving and definitely re-do your basic science prerequisites. First year Ranked 143 - due to prerequisites got brought down to 186 Second year ranked 105: due to prerequisites got brought do
  9. Wow Seeing all the years you applied and never gave up hope, thank you for sharing your stats and your post. You give all of us hope and Congratz!!!!!! I got Refused this year, third interview at McGill so this one definitely stings, pre-reqGPA: 3.21 MCAT: not submitted MMI: well felt better then 2018, and better then 2017 but time will tell once we get stats in July Year. 5 year concurrent two bachelor degree -2015 + M.Sc -2018 + working for two years If it helps anyone here were my stats for the last two years - Fall 2018 Result applications Yo
  10. That sounds really good, so your chances are prob a lot better in that case
  11. Yes they still will count, and the committee can see the EC they discuss every file individually after interviews so they would bring up the EC and see how much merit it holds and how that adjusts your prerequisites ( for example they might drop the prerequisites u did in your term with EC and calculate your overall without those) but the others will still count
  12. You should get the exemption - I teach in science ( chem, physics) grade 10/11 and I was exempted, so because your work involves sciences you will be excepted too, did you do your prerequisites in Quebec? Ive heard only of them not granting an exemption if the prerequisites were done outside Quebec, if they were done here and your working in science you should be good and wow amazing CV, sounds supper awesome everything you have listed. And yes Dreamteam22 is right after the interviews are granted no matter how amazing your CV is it comes down to your prerequisites and your MMI, so if you don'
  13. I have a 3.21/4 which is an 80 and I placed 260/290 for prerequisite score ( rankings gotten after interview) and it lowered me 53 points, my ranking after the interview was 103 and went down to 156 due to prerequisites so I would say aim for above so a 3.6/4 or above 90 for prerequisites, because the prerequisites significantly bring down your overall score after the interview, so it means if you have 80 or below 80 you have to be in the top 30 of all 240-300 people that even if the prerequisites lower you by 50 ish points you make the 79 accepted cutt off. Your EC might help you out in this
  14. I agree with this too, Just from personal experience last year I ranked 103/296 or whatever it was, however because of my prerequisites which are on the dot 3.2/4 this placed me on my prerequisite scale as 260/296 - I did not intend to pursue medicine when I was in cegep then, and worked every weekend ( 15-20 hours a weekend) which def affected my studying time and wasn't too too serious about my marks back in the day either but now it definitely has an impact- it brought be down almost 53 points I ended up with a ranking of 156/300. Had it not been for my prerequisites I probably would
  15. Yes you would basically do the year that pre-med 1 students ( who are being accepted from cegep would be doing) I molecular bio 200, 201, statistics is on it for sure, and not sure what else and have to have a minimum of a 3.5/4 on GPA to be admitted onto to Med. A person I know from last year who was NTP was re-taking the courses at the same time as she was applying to do the interview for NTP- she started re-taking them in the fall so by the time she got an acceptance, she had basically re-done the prerequisites so she made the case to admissions and they exempted her from them. So my
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