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  1. I think a blanket statement for acceptance percentages is very misleading, if you have a 4.0 and a 528, it's not 15% LOL, likewise if its a 2.3 and a 497 it's also not 15%. other factors obviously matter but I am just trying to say the strength of applications across the board vary, resulting in a varying degree of changes of getting in. There is an element of luck, but not as much as people make it out to be.
  2. Battle royal, a test of physical ability to overcome the crutches of being under privileged! But for real this, its sad that the reality is being from a disadvantaged SES affects you from all angles and the only potential work around that i could even see having a remote chance of working is a different admission criteria based on SES ( giving an advantage to people from low SES, or reserved seats, etc)
  3. Exactly my point! No one knows how many people did not post their stats, it could be 100 or it could be comprehensive, we know the cap is around ~450 people, if we add both the lists we have (English and French) as well as the total offers they initially send (~160) and straight up rejections, we can assume it doesn't leave much room for many non reported spots. While an estimation is great, It's best to see how this plays out and that last year's cycle may not be representative of this one at all.
  4. While this is well thought out, but its important to remember that the 2020 cycle was a mess and had the lowest waitlist movements we have seen yet. Whether this year will have similar movement is tough to say. But with past numbers as high as 90 people declining offers to ottawa, i 'd find it hard to believe the waitlist would only move to around the 60th spot or so. I admire the theory, but with the uncertainty of previous years its anyone's guess how far it will go.
  5. If you look through their post history you'll know that bearded frog has done more for CARMS stats than CARMS themselves, and is the leading expert on dropping those sick graphs and figures when no one else will . I'd wager they contributed enough.
  6. Was an RN before Medical school, more in line with your original question, some schools still have prereqs, but many don't. The MCAT will probably be the biggest barrier to getting an interview (as an RN with that many years under their belt im sure that will be enough for ECs), but nothing you cant study for. I can't speak whether the choice is right for you, but i have yet to regret it.
  7. I'm a little confused. Certain situations excluded, what other reasons are there for Canadians to apply to med outside of Canada/US, isn't that the exact reason they go abroad?
  8. Its not broken, it works exactly as it was designed to. Why would they give more options to people and risk an even greater shortage in some fields then they already have. if by limiting spots and funding, they can shunt people towards a certain path or field, then its working great from the government's perspective.
  9. So basically it means nothing and it means everything, it won't ruin your application but it can ruin your application . It's not a big component but its a big component, love it when things are this clear cut
  10. Like any process of the premed game, some changes affected people for the good and some for the bad. Im sure some people bombed that semester due to the stress of a pandemic (either due to being out of a job, their families losing their job, a sick family member or any other number of reasons) and other fortunate enough to be unaffected or affected and still doing well, it makes sense to toss the semester. while it sucks for certain people , i'm going to assume most people are unaffected by this decision, because one semester being voided would not break a competitive applicants application.
  11. I agree with the above. Different feedback means different things to different people. I doubt they have some sort of standardized or secret meaning that all attendings are in on like keen = good or keen = bad. if it's really bothering you, the best thing you can do is maybe ask for an honest opinion from someone you feel comfortable enough asking.
  12. If we have a physician shortage then we should train more physicians. From what I could gather mid-levels are not cheaper on a system of shared resources like our healthcare system. It may seem cheaper to hire them at first, but unsupervised it seems mid-levels cost the system more in areas such as unnecessary tests and missed diagnoses. Looking at the situation in the states this is most likely the case.
  13. 15 is crazy, but lets assume they were all published in top level journals, would that change things?
  14. I think it's a little more simple than that. If you hate what you do. It'll be more difficult to do than if you enjoyed the same task. Getting up in the morning is hard enough if you don't wanna go somewhere, I think the same applies here If you're gonna do something for the rest of your life, why not enjoy it. If you don't that's fine too, plenty of people don't. If you do enjoy, that's awesome.
  15. Its more like you need to have some drive that's a little deeper than just a job to make it through the training, especially when it's time for residency. You want to at least be sure that you can handle a career in healthcare. I know people who hate what they do, but at the same time they're too deep into it to even think about quitting. Of course there's tons of people who really gain a love for medicine as time passes. You have to ask yourself if it's something you could do for the rest of your life.
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