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  1. Does Canadian Medical schools ask for personal statements when a student apply or does it depend on which school you are applying to? Can we or Should we submit a personal statement to a school even if a school may not require it for the sole purpose of trying to explain some obstacles that was faced during undergrad? I keep hearing that personal statements are very important in the US when considering the applicant, but I'm not sure if that also applies to Canada. Likewise, I've read online that the US References are very very important too and I'm wondering if its also true for Ca
  2. PERPETUALLY People eat raw peanuts, eventually turning us all lingering liars yellowish. [Side Answer: I don't think so, I think it could be anything you want.]
  3. What year are you in college? What do you mean by "when I transfer to a university"? Did you just graduate from High school? Because if you are an incoming freshman then you have plenty of time to improve your GPA over the course of your Undergrad career. If it makes you feel any better, I personally know someone who has worst GPA than your 2.5. My best friend has <2.0 GPA due to depression in his first and second year of University, his depression wasn't treated early on and his academic suffered severely which was very unfortunate because he was a straight A+ student in high
  4. What's a passage map? And, how do we make one?
  5. So what did you end up doing? Did you end up withdrawing from your undergrad degree or did you defer or did you enrol to medicine right away? Wouldn't it be wasteful to do 5 years of undergrad working towards a degree/program only to drop it? What would you end up having at the end? No degree at all or simply a general science degree? I'm in the process of doing a 5th year for my degree (had fairly rocky start and I want to try to improve on my GPA) but I also wanted to apply during my 4th year but will I simply be wasting my time?
  6. Thank you all for some insights and helpful advice and suggestions! I'll just keep on going and ask around and maybe someone will be willing to take me under their wing. Wish me luck!
  7. Hi everyone, with summer already starting, I was wondering what kind of jobs you all hold or had as a current or past Undergrad student. I was looking to get a job but it's extremely competitive where I reside since most require about 1 year of experience or more depending on the job and all I have in my resume are volunteer experiences and some leadership roles. I've worked at a fast food chain when I was in high school (11 months) but I had to resign since I needed to move to the city to study. Even after applying to sooo many places, from fast food, to retail, to cashier. You name it!
  8. I'm not sure when their birthday is but I'm assuming that its sometime late in the year since they are still currently 19. And, YES! I talked to one of them and he said that he had the AP/IB transfer credits from high school, I'm not sure about skipping the grade part but I believe that they also took summer courses since they only did the 3 yrs general science degree.
  9. I would have to agree to that! However, I also know 2 students who are currently 19 years old who got into two different med school this year. One at the U of T and the other at the U of M. I still can't believe that they got in on their first attempt and I'm not going to lie, I envy them a little but I'm also quite proud of them!
  10. Thank you for your input! He's been reading everyone's comments and he told me how grateful he is that there is a chance of hope for him. Also, I think what you mentioned about not worrying about ECs is a really good and helpful advice since he should focus more on solidifying his GPA first. Thank you for your kind words about me supporting him, its the least I could do with all of the kindness he has given me in the past. I know that we both have long ways to go and I think that he's also now planning and considering on doing a 5th year since I will be doing a 5th year for my degree.
  11. Thank you for your input and I'll make sure to tell him that. I'll also look after him to see if his GPA is improving or not. I think that widening the goal sounds like a good plan, however, I'm not sure if his GPA will be competitive enough to meet the cut-off for the out of province criteria. Also, Yes, my friend was aware that I posted his situation here. I made sure that he read my post before posting it publicly for everyone to see. Thank you for your input. Yes, from the other advice, it seems that everything will now depend on his 3rd and 4th years and possibly 5th if he
  12. Hi everyone, Before I start, I would just like to say that I’m posting this question on behalf of my best friend. I told him to join this forum and ask it himself but he was too scared and embarrassed to do it so I’m doing it on his behalf and for his own sake. BEWARE: THIS IS A LONG POST! Sorry in advance, I feel the need to be specific with the details. So, my best friend recently told me that he would like to pursue medicine as a profession and I couldn’t be happier and proud of him. As a current premed myself, it’s nice to have someone to have along on this journey to medicine. He
  13. Just curious, why do we have a "Store" section? I don't really see anything that its selling besides "Widget". Whatever that is...
  14. Here you go: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/forum/39-applying-to-american-schools/
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