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  1. Thank you for the response, yes, epidemiology in particular. I would look more into biostatistics if I complete harder math courses like Real analysis but the extent of my math and stats background is 4 statistics courses( 2 in probability, observational data, and 1 in anova/regression/parametric equations). my math course background is pretty much a CR option in Linear Algebra and multivariable calculus. I was going to complete a more quantitative background but haven't done so as of yet. I also had dropped math/stat courses in the past (withdrawn) so Im not to sure if my application would b
  2. Have you heard of anyone getting into the program with a 3.5 gpa in the last 5.0 credits without research experience on their resume? I wonder what my chances are if I have such a gpa, with no research experience and hopefully a good GRE score. How much does resume and references truly matter for MPH, is there any advice you could give me on how I could strength my MPH references or find better opportunities to volunteer within public health? The only thing I can "sell" about my application is that I have a bit more quantitative background than perhaps the average ( im generalizing here) pre-m
  3. Hey congrats, Im not sure about the rankings of MPH programs but if living in alberta during your 1 year of alberta MPH gets you in as a resident for applications, that seems to be the logical decision. however, I thought uofa has a rule that they dont count IP residents if you were enrolled in alberta because of school? I apologize if im misinformed. ALso, just wondering what you were your grades and reference letters and did you do the GRE for the MPh program and MSC program?
  4. Great to hear things are working well on vyvanse, My tolerance to medications has really killed the effectiveness of the medication. If you have an ADHD, you would need to apply to aamc with your psychoeducational assessment. Usually, ADHD kids have additional time on tests because of poor working memory, does this accommodation apply to you? If so, I would contact your schools accessibility department to help you in submiting documentation to aamc for an accommodated mcat. untimed exams? I dont think ive heard of this, but perhap some additional time would be possible. I hear the proccess is
  5. You would likely need to provide supporting documentation to AAMC for an accommodated MCAT. You need to demonstrate to AAMC that you were able to succeed with accommodations and that they would be necessary for your success when writing the MCAT. If you're in high school, what kind of IEP accommodations did you have for tests/exams? Also, Gifted students arent special need, I have an IEP for giftedness as well but I was never accommodated and quite frankly, it's an advantage. If you have a specific learning disability or related disability, only then can you receive accommodations within acces
  6. Thank you for this post and congrats on finishing the MPH program at UofT. Can you comment on the admission requirements for UofT epidemiology? What kind of GPA did you have in your last 5.0 credits at the senior level, how strong were your references and resume, did you have any research experience prior to doing the course based masters? In terms of FT jobs after graduation, is there potential for growth or is one limited unless they do a PHD. How are the working conditions for particular jobs that you've completed post MPH thus far?
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