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  1. Hi Guys, I currently have a 2.4 GPA and only finished 1 year and a half of my university degree. I am currently taking a gap year because a lot of family, finance and personal stuff happened and I needed a break to refresh my mind and try to bounce back. During this time of reflection, I was thinking if I should just restart another degree instead cause tbh, I don't really like my major anymore (major is biomedical science). I was thinking of changing to kinesiology and try to get a killer gpa this time for medschool. I know I would be graduating 2 years later than usual but do you thi
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you guys can help me. I read on the site that the courses per year should be 3 of them at the same level year of study. I am currently taking a year off and when I start my next year (supposedly 3rd year) , I will be taking 2nd year courses as I cannot take 3rd year courses without the prereqs. Would that mean I would not meet the minimum GPA requirement of my best two years? Thanks!
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