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  1. Thank u! U r an inspiration. Truly good luck n ur med journey!
  2. Rejected! I guess that I did not read my interviewers as well as I thought! Here comes a Masters or a year of employment to gear up for the next cycle! Congrats to all of the accepted!
  3. Rejected IP MCAT 518 BSc Honours Graduated 2017 GPA:3.86 Very disappointed.....but just was not sure about the interview?
  4. I said I was not going to check these forums until the beginning of May! But there was action at U of C and now U of A! Regarding this notice on their site, It could be taken either way. I think they will release next week because of the "Best of luck!" at the end. Just my $.02 Another stressful week coming up!
  5. Ok....I was going to stay away until The beginning of May! But it seems like there is a little action around here. Here is a quote from Dr. Walker's blog "We never commit to anything firmly, since there are too many factors that can come into play. That said, I suspect it will be before the end of the first week of May. I will also say that we will not sit on the decision unnecessarily. In other words, when we are ready to make offers, we will make them." U of C was early with their interview invites....maybe they will be early with their Admissions!
  6. Hello post-interview to everyone. I am not going to be checking or posting on these forums until Decision month! aka May! I am taking this opportunity not to worry, make a Plan B and enjoy life. I found the hardest part is waiting for the invite and then the next hardest is waiting for the decision. We all know that will not be until May. Everyone please do well on your exams and let the interview go. I have been second guessing myself since. Who knows? We all gave it our best and now we have move forward and live our life. Chat with you all come May!
  7. Hi plastics91:). I hope your interview went well and your drive to Saskatoon was good. Good luck at U of S.
  8. Good morn, everyone. Good luck to the interviewees today. I found the MMI’s not too bad and the panel interview was great! Who knows? Maybe I am totally off on my assessment. Compared to the U of C interview, I definitely felt better after finishing yesterday. Time will tell........
  9. Air Canada......( this is just for today). Calgary is much worse! Edmonton (YEG) Freezing fog Airport: Edmonton (YEG) (Edmonton (YEG)) Event: Flights may be impacted by forecasted low ceilings, freezing fog and reduced visibility. When: All day, March 15, 2018 What to do: Customers are asked to check Flight Status, or call Air Canada's automated flight information system at 1-888-422-7533 to ensure their flights are not delayed or cancelled. View information on Air Canada policies in the event
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