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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of the relative competitiveness of the anesthesia residency programs in Canada. I assume for most specialties it's a similar pattern, but I would appreciate if anyone could give me some insight for anesthesia in particular. I've heard mixed things; I've heard UOttawa and UManitoba are up there, but I would have assumed Toronto/McGill were the more competitive programs. Does anyone know which are generally the most sought-after, and for what reasons? Thanks a lot!
  2. Is it true one must only pass classes to maintain Med-P acceptance? I understand it is possible to write a letter explaining a decrease in grades, but since I was so distracted by my application and interview and stressed I have not been doing my best. I will do my best on finals but definitely won't be finishing my sciences with 90's this semester. Should I worry about my offer being rescinded? (I know the website says to "maintain academic standard" but I have heard you really just need to pass)
  3. I called around 11 after mine disappeared. Apparently the answers come out at 4pm
  4. Update. Everyone i know's status disappeared (like 20+ people) and i called the admission office they said its because theyre entering the info into the computer. Everyones will disappear eventually. My friend had hers disappear last year and was accepted no waitlist
  5. Did anyone else's status disappear? Mine no longer says ready for review, there's nothing there...
  6. yes that happened to my minerva as well as everyone i know, but i called the office this morning and minerva is wrong, it is still may 16
  7. Called the office today they said decisions come tomorow not 17th
  8. mine is also ready for review and says decision date may 17
  9. wow....... in that case ill start checking minerva asap lol, was that this year?!?
  10. It's not really a matter of "direction" everyone's CVs are really different, and they don't want carbon copies of the same person applying (eg hospital volunteering, humanitarian trip, etc) its all about what you enjoy / being committed to something for a long time / being involved in your community. You can PM me with your experiences and I can tell you what kind of things I had if that interests you. And yes, McGill is the only pre-med program that looks at CVPN, but I didn't apply to the french school since my french is horrid. For the french schools, you need a minimum r-score of maybe 33.
  11. im waiting for med-p which is also may 16 and ive heard theyll never ever release before the announced date unless theres a glitch in the system lol
  12. I disagree with this. I got interview with a 34, my friend got one with 33.X, and another friend with a 32, but our friend with a 36 didn't get one, and my other friend with a 35.X didn't get one either. Your CVPN does matter a lot, the admissions committee says to aim to be above 33.5. I think starting at 33.5 you have made the cut and they really want to look at your extra curriculars and essays.
  13. Gonna answer you in English. Firstly, just so you know, you don't need 35 to get an interview. I had my interview a few weeks ago with a 34 global (but about 35 in sciences), however I know someone who got one with a 32. Make sure you focus on volunteering and your essays etc too!!! But yes, high r-score is very possible. To be honest I didn't even try too hard. My biggest advice: GET GOOD TEACHERS. Research your teachers on ratemyteachers first, don't take teachers who give impossible midterms (there are some). Also, i suggest not ignoring little things that don't count for much, which I thin
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