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  1. FYI, lots of burn out in nursing, huge proportion who finish leave the profession after a year of practice. the pandemic hasn't help...morale is low. Not that this should be the deciding factor, but worth keeping in mind since 4 years is a long time to commit to something. Also note, it is a weeder degree. first couple years only a fraction pass to get to fulltime clinicals, even when they are spectacular students.
  2. Agree with all of this. I loathed in person physical skill sessions. Teaching was lousy and inconsistent between groups. It was super judgy, with half the people clearly having learned the skills already and then people like me who had no clue and thought i was there to learn but instead felt like an idiot. In the end, I just practiced on myself, my teddy bear, my cat, and if i had access to any persons who were willing and didn't break out into laughter while i practiced. It'll work out. It is not ideal, though, but you'll all find your way.
  3. To be honest, I have a lot more time as an attending to learn what I want. I just don't choose to spend it on finances...maybe i ought to. I choose to "contract it out" instead;, like I have with my taxes, billings, transcription, etc. I choose, instead, to watch more tiktok and netflix--in my field, this is kind of like work since I stay up-to-date on what my patients are talking about
  4. paging @Ian Wong @rmorelan to provide the origin story. I am so old that I first posted when this was an ezboard forum! different username that I would rather keep to myself because in retrospect I am embarrassed...it was back in the day when people spoke of being "thinveloped" at the post office. Back in the time of the dinosaurs...
  5. Looking at this from the attending point of view, I very much wanted to/considered to invest but never got around to it and that is probably a good thing. A lot of unexpected things happened in residency (good and bad) and I needed access to the cheap-to-borrow money fast. I had enough on my plate as a trainee and doing everything else outside of residency that I enjoy, without having an investment portfolio to manage/monitor. I am glad I didn't have to deal with that on top of everything else when I needed the cash flow. I think the other piece here is that while you'll always have
  6. And then you're staff and everything takes twice as long as you worry that you DID miss something and now there is no safety net. But...you'll still be okay.
  7. They did the same thing for me and after emailing the prof student advisor at my branch they made sure it was not so and apologized for the inconvenience (a tree died for that, people!!!)
  8. How far out are you from residency? I was told I don’t have to until 2 years post res completion? still have the student plan until June 2022….
  9. I donated too because BIPOC physicians (especially those whose first language is not English) are especially needed. By the time you're in 4th year, tuition should be the least of a student's worries...he has a long way to go even after graduating...but I am happy to help give him a fighting chance.
  10. File reviewers just got access to files to review is what it means. Admissions office is a busy place and dont forget that many working there work more than one job.
  11. I get the feeling that this is part of some bigger research project…but have no data to back it up (I.e. they will follow those who wrote it and how they score and compare to passing rate of rotations/CCFP certifying exam). i, too, am tired of more and more tests for trainees…just remember that once you’re staff there’s no more exams and studying is now left to you and your devices (gotta study and keep up or else be “that” person who is practising based on guidelines from 20-30 years ago…)
  12. Staff MD in second year of practice and no Corp yet. I am still struggling to decide if it’s worth incorporating next year or not because I still owe a lot…but I am leaning to doing it next summer because I will not have any more “big” tax credits left to offset my income taxes going forward. I want to pay off debt aggressively, however if I continuously need to borrow (a lot) from my LOC to pay the income taxes I am not really getting ahead as quickly as I wish and my family is still “living like a resident” but with a few perks. Having a pandemic also helps keep costs at bay so…
  13. If you did not think that family medicine includes "lots of psychosocial issues" then you're in for a big surprise... btw, welcome to calgary!
  14. Only if physicians start being open about not being superhuman will things change. The newer staff are more open. I totally know why medical students and residents still keep quiet. Too much riding on others' opinion of them (reference letters, employment opportunities) and the risks are high.
  15. Oh…and you would be at higher risk of DVT in both fields…lol
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