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  1. I agree that many of the posts here are reflective of the highest of high achievers so posted gpa or mcat or extracurricular achievements might tend toward the extremes and those with lower scores are less likely to post. As long as one takes the info with a grain of salt about this bias and doesn’t let it dissuade them, then it is a great FREE resource and community.
  2. I remember seeing these guys post here. Annoys me to the end... Aren't you glad you used a premed forum? best advice and friends made from here!
  3. have you thought to locum for a while and see what’s out there? It’s of course dependent on your personal situation how feasible that would be…
  4. I liked the DxSaurus app just to help broaden differentials.
  5. Doesn’t work if you start your professional life at 40.
  6. Ya it kinda does. your brain isn’t as quick as it was. Your body starts to creak. Your energy is adequate but not as great as it used to be. You don’t bounce back from injury, illness, sleeplessness, etc like you used to. I suggest being in a state of total denial about it to survive. pretend you’re still in your 30s…
  7. Spouse is in nursing and I love him dearly but we need separation in our work settings both for our careers and our sanity
  8. Who knows what is happening because of the rush of family physicians to leave/leaving rural Alberta...Lethbridge would be a great place to set up if you are willing to take your chances in the political climate as I heard at least 4 docs have either retired or left their practices.
  9. The best time doesn’t exist. get married if the person you want to marry comes along. have kids while biology is on your side and so is your energy level.
  10. Apply the above to common plastics cases. it is not just hands and skin. It’s all anatomy. Breast. Trunk. Extremities. This should be relevant to you because surgeons order imaging often, and if your interest is in rads your anatomy knowledge should be very good. again learn about labs, taking a history, post op treatments and management. it’s clerkship. They don’t expect you to know it all. You’ll rotate through surgery in rads, though, so probably important you build some skills as a clerk. GL!
  11. I barely spent any time in the OR and mostly was doing admissions and post op management. That was fine by me—I don’t do well in an OR (hence psychiatrist!!). learn all about everything above but having an idea about what’s normal for vitals, labs, ins and outs post op, general note taking/presentation approach for surgical admits and discharges goes a long way. And, know an acute abdomen when you see one. good luck!
  12. OP made ZERO mention of lifestyle and job prospects. They mentioned the usual elephant in the room but ALSO said that cardiac surgery is the only part of medicine that he or she is truly interested in. You need to stop pushing YOUR agenda and YOUR opinion about FRCPC/FRCSC residencies and careers as a response to a post. To OP: I was not in your situation at all, but what you need to do is talk with as many trainees in all those surgical fields as possible and get their perspectives on your situation. A couple people I know from my class were told the same drivel about awful job pro
  13. or a LOT of private IME for insurance or court for psych. Plus expert testimony. Not my bag by a LONG SHOT but it is possible.
  14. Keep in mind that if you want to ever practise psych in Canada you will need an extra year of postgrad training because US psych residency is 4 years vs Canadian which is 5 years. FYI i have heard on US psychiatrist groups that I am in that psych is becoming quite competitive in the USA.
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