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  1. DO A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW. On a very circumscribed research question where there's only case reports and not that many so that you don't have to do stats. This requires collaboration with a smart physician who can point you to said question. This is also how I got my royal college research requirements met. While I didn't intend to publish it, i submitted it for the hell of it and it got accepted in an adequate journal. Good luck!
  2. Probably because his parents pushed for it. Like mine pushed it for me and i skipped. Or (and i do not believe this is @ChemPetE 's situation since we know each other) they started schooling in one country and upon switching countries were advanced based on achievement rather than placed based on age). This happened to my spouse. Honestly @offmychestplease , not sure why you needed verification of age of various educational attainments...it just...erhm, comes off rather...uniquely. Yes, uniquely =) For what it's worth, i skipped a grade and only got into medicine at 31...oo
  3. Agree, and for electives! Still though, if you wanna be identified you’ll wear it no matter what colour. or you could just wear a large sign around your neck “MS2” or “CC3” but a loud (free) bag is still preferable imho.
  4. It’s a free backpack. So much internet rage over the colour of a free promotional item. It’s amazing how such a benign item could be so polarizing. I like the colour, they look like a burnt sienna rather than traffic cone orange of previous years.
  5. Wow, tough crowd. Wonder if you’d say the same thing about or to surgeons please don’t paint all of psych with the stereotype that we don’t know any medicine and can’t interpret a CBC. we are physicians, we can treat things, but sometimes it makes more sense for stuff to go back to primary care—I am not going to treat your infections or sort out your microcytic anemia; but if my meds or treatments are contributing I will do my best to manage and treat from my side to minimize or solve problems. I can only speak for myself but even early in practice i do make a point of not w
  6. You will always pay interest...the bank needs to benefit somehow. the thing is that they use the LOC to pay its own interest off and it happens automatically. believe me, it’s a nice perk. I like not having to think.
  7. Mine too...2011 I think @rmorelan's is long gone though
  8. TBH, you don't need to know what you want to do before starting UofC medicine. Maybe my experience is dated but many people didn't know or changed drastically in their interests up to the carms application and still matched "well" (they were happy with specialty they matched to). I say this because I don't want people to discount UofC if they are undifferentiated in their area of medical interest. You will figure it out, or figure out ways to find your place in the profession.
  9. Do you like or dislike humidity? Do you like sunshine or rain? Weather is a big deal to how I feel...might also play a factor for you?
  10. Super normal to be scared. You'll be fine. I had an experience on July 3 (second day as a resident, i got July 1 off luckily!) and it cemented in my mind that I was ready. If we were in person I'd share my little clinical anecdote--because I run into these sentiments with a lot of junior trainees now that I am preceptor I share it with them. It makes one humble to know there was a time you didn't know everything and things were okay. There will be good and bad outcomes. We all will make mistakes. We all will make great saves, too. Just remember to work with your team and share t
  11. oh man....just sleep. or work on your health/fitness...there is so much more to life than medicine. you'll soon wish for the freedom of summer off and never have it again (unless you decide not to work summers as staff.....)
  12. Getting all the account start perks, I’d gather. more hassle than it’s worth IMHO
  13. Too many variables to consider to be able to compare. How fast are you in FM? do you do any procedures? do you cover ER? Obs? How many days per week in clinic? How many no shows in psych? do you do inpatients? do you have opportunity for lots of multidisciplinary discussions? how many new consults? what is your patient complexity? even tougher is with the changes by government that make it unknown what changes are coming to the fee schedule...
  14. I got in on my 5th try and the first four were devastating blows (wait list is almost worse than a decline because you always hope you’ll get off of it and you never really know if it can happen...). I could be a mentor if you get a group going. LL
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