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  1. My worst interview cycle in three cycles (out of 5 total interviews) was the one that got me into medical school. Don't overanalyze too much. Enjoy your freedom while you still have it. signed, exhausted first year staff
  2. Well they are certified, it just isn't a canadian certification. one calgary example: About Us / Centre for Sleep & Human Performance
  3. freeze eggs/sperm and / or embryos. too many people I know have gone through fertility issues (stress?).
  4. To be fair—we haven’t lost all our psych staff in Calgary—several excellent preceptors have moved for various reasons. Most grads continue to stay in spite of current situation with govt. There are still many excellent preceptors in Calgary. there are also 2 PD (one is main PD, one is a new role of associate PD). Former PD remains involved as part of CBD.
  5. Anatomy and cell bio was a bore. Most people I know switched out...myself included. Mind you, that was 20 years ago... life sciences at queens is a classic premed program and cutthroat. Without an A+ On the McGill gpa scale you’ll always get screwed over in omsas conversion. go to the school where you think you’ll be happy and be open to changing majors and schools I’d you made a mistake.
  6. Yea you need an accountant. Not applicable to you, but for others it is helpful to know that MNP does your taxes free as a med student and resident and this helps you build a relationship. I had one person to start and ended up switching to another because of this opportunity to get to know one and detect one did not fit well.
  7. Not sure how you can say that, unless you've attended both... Honestly, if you want to be a doctor you will be served by any program in Canada. 3 years is more intense, less breaks, and the pace is quick...but before you know it you're done. I don't know if I would have wanted to lollygag through a final year of electives based on what I heard from a few friends who went to 4 year schools. I went from the frying pan of clerkship straight to the fire of residency. It was worth it. I felt ready. Calgary has made changes to their schedule and incorporated more breaks since I g
  8. If that is your plan I would just provide locum coverage for other pediatricians who are taking their various breaks and vacations. Most flexibility in lifestyle across specialties is going to be a multi-practitioner outpatient practise, so that your folks have coverage in your absence. As soon as you add in hospital anything, things get trickier for long breaks unless you have some arrangement sorted out (sabbatical, etc).
  9. I think you mean pursue? See if any group homes have casual position for the morning shift to help folks wake up, bathe and dress, and have breakfast? Not sure if that work is your bag but it would be very meaningful to those people and you could have a little money too.
  10. Honestly, until you work on every adcom at every school you really don't know what is or is not important at each school. Lots of inferences, hypotheses, it is all heresay. Especially since that is not your home school...not sure how you *know* what is or is not important for getting in. Unless....you ARE on all the adcoms.... and are a mole planted to mess with premed minds. hehehe
  11. boymama20 is right, the status changes after your file's reviews are completed.
  12. Looking at the luxury car thread, thinking about luxury cars, and then instead playing animal crossing on the Nintendo switch!
  13. In the same vein I know multiple people who went through the Calgary program who had no issues and no complaints. it is a big program and I think has undergone several leadership shifts and thus you see and hear a variety of stories.
  14. i don't know the gpa of anyone who got into NOSM. I applied and one year I got an interview with a GPA in sub 3.5 range. I didn't get an offer but got a waitlist. Applied again and not even offered an interview. So....it depends from year to year. Pool to pool. Then, where people who apply decide to accept offers. Keep the hope. Work towards the dream. Don't forget to live your life in parallel. Med school is one thing but it isn't everything. Best of luck LL
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