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  1. Considering that file review hasn’t even started yet I would not hold my breath until the date rolls around
  2. I remember this time well. I had the thought if I don’t get around to finishing my application then I don’t have to worry about matching abs can relax for a year. I snapped out of it and it was the right thing to do. I’m sure it’s tough in a 4 year school...think about your fellow clerks in 3 year schools (like me) who were totally beat! sleep away Xmas holidays if you can. Take a short LOA AFTER CARMS if you must (I actually did end up needing a brief medical leave myself—I wasn’t alone in that!). I am strongly on the side of don’t delay residency unless forced to by being unmat
  3. Depends what it was for and how much it impacts your studies and performance. be aware you’ll have to disclose it for years to come (licensing bodies ask questions all the time).
  4. I agree with @ellorie 's response. You will know from doing rotations and seeing patients if you think it is going to be okay for you. I have a very competent friend with mental health concerns who decided against psychiatry because it was too trigger for his/her mental health condition. He/she is a very competent medical doctor in his/her chosen field. Diametrically opposed, I know of someone with a primary psychotic illness who is stable who has pursued psychiatry residency because of his/her own experience. It isn't going to be easy to avoid trauma/re-exposure/triggers i
  5. I think medaholic is referring to all rotations. for sure you want to show you did well on the cores, but you also want your entire profile to appear “even”—so every rotation you’d be best that it shows you clearly passed without any innuendo of or actual red flags.
  6. Looking forward to seeing you around again here—if that means you are coming back west
  7. Thankfully, everything lined up and I had work right off the bat on July 1...paperwork and other formalities took a lot longer this year because of the pandemic. Most people joining the ranks in my specialty are not doing one single thing at one single location. I work outpatients and am not located within a major hospital site fortunately so overall covid risks are less. I do participate in an ER on call roster, though. I am grateful to every preceptor, mentor, senior resident, experienced physician colleague and random nice person who advised me to start slow and build my practice
  8. I would not freak out about the pause if he or she said directly you were strong. The preceptor was probably thinking about lunch, or email, or distracted by something else on the to do list...even if they have time to write as many letters as he/she has already agreed to write If there hadn't been such a discussion then i'd hesitate using the letter.
  9. Beware that if you buy a luxury car, you'll be that medstudent/clerk/resident that some will laugh about because it is an aggressive demonstration of your wealth (perceived, projected, or otherwise). I echo the leasing thing someone above posted about. LL (the frugal one lol)
  10. It is whatever they think is that personality....often closely aligning with his or her own.
  11. Possibly not in the two cities identified, depends also on what you mean about general psych. I understand your attempts to distill the information to its essences for medical students, but please trust those in practise who are trying to help.
  12. Your info about psych is not accurate with respect to no need for “fellowships” for the cities listed. if you wish to practise Geri or forensic or child psych you’ll need the subspecialty in at least Toronto and Vancouver. like the education creep spoken of, it is happening in psychiatry as well. Please recognize that subspecialty training is not equivalent to fellowships. In other words, please recognize the fact that I had to pay several more thousands of dollars for another RC exam ;-) The above info will be out of date even within a year....the world is a quickly changing pla
  13. Psychodynamic psychotherapists need good supervision. Unlikely there has ever been the threshold of therapists in one place that isn’t an urban centre to make this possible yes, now that there are more venues for virtual interactions the therapists can convene that way; however to be able to do supervision/case consultation rounds you need to be in person to be able to get paid—so at least in Alberta you won’t find a Psychiatrist psychodynamic psychotherapist in a small or rural place.
  14. Note that in Alberta the overhead thing in vs out of hospital just got more complicated, due to changes in billing codes that results in in-hospital services being billed with a low payment set of codes as these services are seen to "lack overhead" due to working in the hospital. Of note, many still pay overhead for some services and/or spaces in hospital (e.g. an office). The ramifications of this change are yet be seen and felt. Inpatients are inpatients because they are inherently more acute/complex cases. I am aware of several physicians who have left inpatient jobs and even left the
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