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  1. boymama20 is right, the status changes after your file's reviews are completed.
  2. Looking at the luxury car thread, thinking about luxury cars, and then instead playing animal crossing on the Nintendo switch!
  3. In the same vein I know multiple people who went through the Calgary program who had no issues and no complaints. it is a big program and I think has undergone several leadership shifts and thus you see and hear a variety of stories.
  4. i don't know the gpa of anyone who got into NOSM. I applied and one year I got an interview with a GPA in sub 3.5 range. I didn't get an offer but got a waitlist. Applied again and not even offered an interview. So....it depends from year to year. Pool to pool. Then, where people who apply decide to accept offers. Keep the hope. Work towards the dream. Don't forget to live your life in parallel. Med school is one thing but it isn't everything. Best of luck LL
  5. @bellejolieI think you know what you want...it is the rav4 hybrid Ya it is gonna be more expensive. but, it sounds more like it would make you happy and fit your transportation needs. No idea how you lasted so long with transit...I drove the same car from 2006 to 2020, bought brand new and driven into ground. Not sure what the resident income is in QC vs ON; that could have an impact on monthly payments. If you end up in family med, you'll be done in a blink of an eye and payments will not be such a big deal. I really could not conceive of what "staff money" was until I see my
  6. Leasing or purchasing? what are your residency time expenses (based on where you hope to live vs where you may end up because you match there?). Where in the redesign cycle is the civic vs rav4 hybrid for the model year you want to buy (I was told to avoid first year of redesign since they’re more likely to have issues). only you know what is or isn’t worth the money. If you’re in Toronto for residency that much car seems like a waste of money unless you plan to drive to commute....if you’re gonna drive to commute and want to enjoy it maybe the extra cost is worth it? too m
  7. Totally agree with @shikimate For those who were extremely instrumental, I do keep in touch...like my master's supervisor. Even 10 years out if I am in town I try to connect with him even for a few minutes in the lab to show my appreciation and find out what's up in the old stomping grounds. Similarly, with those who have written me many reference letters...grad school, med school, residency...I am so grateful for so many supporters along the way. A card or email or if possible a brief visit or phone call means a lot.
  8. A card with kind words including specific examples is what they will cherish most. No need to give them a Mont Blanc pen (yes, i know of residents who have done that )
  9. Lots of GP sleep specialists out there--popular in Alberta it seems. Many do extra training in US, but their sleep medicine specialization isn't recognized in Canada apparently. Cannot comment on the billing codes since I am not family med.
  10. Not in internal, but I do note that all your internal electives are in the "slower" paced IM subspecialties. Is this intentional or just luck of the draw? No idea how this would be perceived by folks in IM.
  11. I believe there was someone a few years ago who underwent transition during medical school and felt extremely well supported. I know another staff who had practised for a while as their born gender and then took a year off and returned to practise as the other gender. only you know when is the right time. There is something to be said about doing the transition in med school and having your degree and licensing in your practising name—one less step to deal with in the big scheme of things. good luck!
  12. I grew up middle class. We never went without but we didn't buy anything full price if we could get it on sale. That said, we often would save so we can get nicer things when we wanted it. I have always loved couponing, getting things on sale, saving money...child of immigrants No debt from undergrad or master's, but lots from half of another bachelors, med school, and then residency and getting married (husband is also a student who is non-med). I like seeing my debt go down. I don't like spending more than I have to...but I'll go for a guilty pleasure (and feel slightly g
  13. Me too! Anytime I see those squared off edges of the early 90s toyota tercels and corollas, honda civics and accords, and mazda 323s (or a GLC...anyone remember those?) I think back to being a child and teenager again. I have a soft spot for the late 90s corolla because that's the car my parents had and I basically learned to drive--sad day when that baby had to go to car heaven.
  14. That is the game I want too! We will have to become ACNH friends (once get around to opening the package and playing...paperwork above all!!)
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