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  1. greensurR, I agree with you. It will be useful to see posts about waitlist offers going out, but ultimately does not change that I don't know when/if I'll get an offer myself. It may actually just make me feel worse if it turns out that I'm far down the list at Mac and see loads of offers going out without me. Anyway, my fate is in the hands of the MD Admissions team, and only they know the truth about my future. I also agree that the new Guardians movie was fantastic.
  2. NotADoctor2017, I like your spunk. I also like your meme. I've convinced myself to expect nothing until next week. Part of my rationale is that it's easier to wait until next week than to shift into high email refreshing paranoia tomorrow. Based on other posts I've read around here, the original offers had a two-week deadline. I've just told myself to let that two weeks pass before I develop expectations again. That said, I will be thrilled if offers start rolling out tomorrow. Wishing you all good news soon!
  3. I know this sounds cheesy, but I find this thread sort of comforting (for now at least!). Thanks for the candor.
  4. I'm waitlisted, too. I'm trying to stay positive and keep my mind off of it, but it's hard. I am so disappointed. Chin up, and good luck to everyone else in admissions purgatory with me.
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