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  1. I have really strong ECs and have a 3.85 GPA. Realistically, I know my GPA and MCAT are really bad, especially as an OOP. Any success stories for UBC?
  2. Hi! If anyone is planning to take the November 2017 Canadian DAT, and you wish to either study together or start a facebook/whatsapp group, message me! Cheers!
  3. I'm at a 507 with 127/125/125/130. The CARS really messes me up. Well, the entire score does. I'm from Ontario and eligible for many schools but realistically Mac and Queen's will not accept me thanks to my score. UoT has never accepted anyone even remotely near my score. Ottawa will hate my 3.83 GPA and for McGill, my GPA is shit as well (plus very few spots for ppl from other provinces). Are there literally any success stories of ppl with low mcats getting into Canada after undergrad? No masters, no PhD. UofT has a minimum of 500, but realistically, do they accept anyone near that scor
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