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  1. I also got a placement and I'm very excited! does anyone know what is expected on pre clerks on the clinical exchanges? did anyone else go and have any thoughts? Thanks and congrats!
  2. For what it's worth, I got into Dalhousie and also wrote about a similar number of experiences, provided some additional personal information for context, and then tied everything together at the end. I would not recommend you regurgitate your CV although I know people who have done that and were accepted to Dalhousie, so your mileage may vary.
  3. No experience but Scotia will likely also be offering 300k in a few weeks + the good cards
  4. Do people generally switch over all of their banking to the LOC bank? I'm thinking of switching to scotia for the LOC and all banking services after i leave my job. It might be easier to centralize most financial things with one bank. Is this wise?
  5. forest green (or emerald if we want to follow the gemstone trend), ruby red, or black would be nice!
  6. Wow I like this a lot. Do you use the 9, 10, or 12 inch iPad?
  7. I accepted another offer so I will be opening up an OOP seat. Good luck everyone!
  8. I am tempted by the new iPad pro but I have a functional macbook (going on 6 years, still speedy, battery life is max. 3 hours though). I guess I'm hesitant because my laptop might only have another 2 years and I don't think the iPad pro can fully replace a laptop. Any suggestions? I also on study exclusively on the computer; I don't print off powerpoints, just type notes and highlight PDFs.
  9. I don't think the type of ECs you did matters as much as you demonstrating that you learned important skills or had impactful experiences through these ECs. Showing passion is also important. Long term and impressive commitments (don't have to be clinical) also help but what matters most is how you frame your ECs.
  10. I did not have strong personal ties to the Maritimes and received an offer. I wrote about my experience working with individuals from the maritimes and, through this, demonstrated my knowledge of the healthcare issues in the region. I also tied other aspects of my education to Dalhousie's philosophy/MD program strengths and the opportunities provided to students. My only personal connection was having family who spent a few weeks in the Maritimes and I managed to tie this information into the broader narrative of "why dal/why maritimes". Your GPA and MCAT are excellent and either meet or
  11. I'm turning 25, too! Happy early birthday I was a bit anxious about this as well but, as others have posted, ~25 is the average age. Congratulations!!!
  12. Result: Accepted (London!!!!) Timestamp: 10:31 am EST May 8th 2018 2yr GPA: 3.9ish MCAT: Above non-SWOMEN cut-offs ECs: A bit above average, diverse. Definitely framed them in a certain way so that they fit the mould of the student Western was looking for, or at least I think so. Interview: Excellent. Laughed a lot, got a few follow-ups, felt as if they were genuinely interested in what I had to say and my experiences. I felt very comfortable and wished we had more time to chat at the end of it. I think it really helped to have a strong narrative and then connect every
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