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  1. This notion of respect associated with certain specialties is so weird to me. Is it only a med student thing due to the relative competitiveness? Respect is earned, not given. I’ve seen specialists in highly competitive fields not being respected by other docs due to the way they practice and PCP who are well respected by other specialist due to their thoroughness. If you are talking respect from patient, you realize there are patients who respect naturopath more than MDs right?
  2. best way to determine your chances with UBC is to figure out if you will get an interview by estimating your AQ and NAQ scores using the formula/comparing to other people's NAQ. Once you get an interview, it will be a holistic review of your file, with the interview being an important aspect. So it will really have to depend on how you interview. Good luck!
  3. if this is the attitude you are going to have in med school and residency, you are going to have a really bad time assuming you make it to med school in the first place
  4. they've done the 400hr/yr over 4 years, but have not yet challenged the exam, I can't speak to how they fare
  5. not true, i know FM docs working in the ER in hospitals 45 mins from Vancouver without a +1
  6. sorry, I was talking about med. The difference in going abroad for med is quite significant due to residency
  7. Did really well on the PAT and what worked for me was doing all the sections I am good at first and then come back to the hard section. For me it was the angle ranking section. I found for hole punching, just draw directly on the question as it folds worked really well for me. Good luck!
  8. They used to have classes together in the first two years. But dent is their own faculty now and Med started the spiral curriculum so it’s separate now.
  9. This is what I gathered when I was evaluating my option of going to Australia: its a good option if you can afford it financially. If you can deal with being so far away from family then I don't see why not. Although, I have to point out, you are on a great path to getting an acceptance here in Canada. But a sure thing is a sure thing, and if that is worth it to you(while keeping in mind about the limitation regarding specialization), then go for it! Good luck
  10. They go by the address you provide, but I would be truthful as you might be reflagged for future application if caught.
  11. Someone called in and asked. Not sure how valid the info is. I'm sure more movement will be coming tho, don't worry.
  12. 7 in years past, heard its 9 this year yes the spot goes to IP after OOP clears
  13. Your GPA is good but for OOP, the MCAT is the most important factor. You will need to score at least in the 99th percentile to get an interview.
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