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  1. Although many doctors come from upper and middle class families and didn’t have to work everyday jobs before Med school, many doctors have slung lattes, washed dishes, waited tables, painted houses, roofed, etc. to make money before/during/after university. You’re not alone there. Definitely include it. You don’t need to embellish, but it does help I think to spin these sorts of gigs (and any entry) in a positive way by mentioning the aspects of the job you actually enjoy, if any - e.g. maybe you enjoy the fast-paced environment and collegiality in the kitchen (I know I did, at least some
  2. No, they don’t. It absolutely wouldn’t make sense from a tax perspective unless you have other (much larger) income sources. And since in both cases you’re being hired as a type of employee, I don’t think you could actually claim that income as business income anyways. Incorporation is something you can do as a small business, but you can’t contract out your services as a medical student / resident. Edit: see https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/investing/personal-finance/taxes/article-beware-the-rules-that-apply-to-incorporated-employees/ And https://invest
  3. If you call in sick, they’ll know why. What’s the point? In my experience, it’s rarely worth it to lie. I would just be frank and say that this isn’t a negotiable thing, and you will do your best to help them out in other ways, but no matter what they say you won’t be there. And if they still can’t be reasonable and insist you have to be there, peace out and find another job if that’s actually an option. Doesn’t sound like a great place to work.
  4. If you’re IP with a gpa around 90% and a decent mix of ECs (which you have) your chances are decent of at least getting an interview, A lot will depend on how you present your activities on the NAQ / employment sections. No one knows how the MCAT factors in post-interview, but the closer you are to the average acceptance (~514-515) probably the better. Apply and see what happens!
  5. RBC now offers a professional loc to medical students that continues into practice, so you don’t even need to pay the the principal down after residency. I had heard Scotia now had a similar product, although people have reported difficulty getting Scotia to switch them to it if they have the old student loc
  6. No, it’s not. Credit unions and smaller banks basically never are. My preferred and long time credit union flat out said they’d never compete and they recommended I take the best deal, but my advisor was extremely pained to have to tell me this. RBC and Scotia year over year have the most competitive deals, and also have teams dedicated to these programs
  7. Don’t know anything about osap. But you should absolutely look into transferring your loc - unless your current job is also a professional, it’s uncommon to have an unsecured loc for 350k at prime minus 0.25%. You should be eligible for the same loc as any other med student if you consolidate your existing loc onto it as part of the process, and then you should be able to reduce the interest you’re carrying. Talk to someone at one of the big banks (RBC and Scotia tend to have the most flexible plans) who is part of a team dedicated to their health care plan. Would probably pause your ETF
  8. The diversity of experience section is what you make of it. I think there’s some really good opportunities to stand out there - who knows what effect it has in the grand scheme of scoring, but I think it honestly can’t hurt to throw in that sort of personal stuff!
  9. This is a very good point, and I should have included in my original response that I did something similar and recommend doing the same. On the extreme end, I included dnd as one of my activities and listed my friend by their very professional title of ‘dungeon master’
  10. I think this really shows the power of the current perceptions around the Jason Kenny government’s fight with family doctors.
  11. Every year they do this and it’s always annoying and confusing for incoming students. I don’t understand why they don’t change it. Especially now with the pandemic, the last thing any one wants to do is go to a physical bank. One other thing you can try: In my year I ended up finding someone I knew with a regular interac card and account who could pay it online for me, and then I just e-transferred them the money.
  12. Agree with @TARS. It’s extremely common for people to go through 3rd/4th year without that much hands on experience. Most people from most big schools will not have, for example, participated in a code or done CPR, and many will not have done much in the way of procedures. It’s not really a negative. Sometimes in early medical school you’re also just too overwhelmed - you might have observed a code or two, but not yet have the confidence to participate. That’s normal. There are ways to get more one-on-one experiences at UBC if you want them. At the distributes sites you’re much more ofte
  13. Yes, for things that are personal hobbies it is fine to have family and friends. Mostly this will be the diversity of experience section, but if you were self employed or employed in a family business then it might make sense to have a friend or family verify that as well. I had several friends, as well as my parent and my spouse listed for things and it was fine.
  14. Your ability to match back to Ontario will also depend somewhat on what you decide to apply for. If you are going for a large speciality like Family Medicine or Internal Medicine you’ll have a very good chance of matching to Ontario from BC (or from anywhere really). If you go for something very competitive it may be more difficult, and while the home school advantage may help, you’ll have to be prepared to elsewhere. The amount the home school advantage helps you will also depend a bit on specialty (some specialities take their own more than others). Although in all cases, the fact that there
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