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  1. I agree. Waiting for people to ‘teach you’ is not a great way to learn, and will never cover all the things you need to know. And many of those things you will just start to learn in clerkship, and will solidify over and over again. I agree with this as well. Learning in clerkship is all about making the rotation work for you. Although admittedly that gets easier the more experience you have. Early in clerkship, and on the much more hierarchical rotations, it can be harder to do. I had the fortune of doing my core clerkship in a smaller center, so I got used to being self-directe
  2. You should be able to spend your line of credit on whatever you want, but you need to be able to pay the interest every month on the balance - in theory if you don’t spend your entire loc you can keep adding the interest payments each month, but you’d need to make sure you can actually have enough money on your loc to make the payments and cover all your other expenses until you finish medical school and have an income. Otherwise you could run out of funds before the end of school and getting additional loans can be difficult. With current low interest rates you may actually pay signific
  3. I feel similarly! The stress has dissipated quite a bit over the last couple days since the rank lists were due, more than I expected.
  4. It’s an entrance award, so your competition will be the other 287 students in your year. That said, many med students cannot be bothered to apply for scholarships, and while I don’t know the details of the effort required for this one, the fact that many people who interview also ultimately won’t be accepted may discourage people from applying. So that means the actual pool of applicants might be somewhat small. If you have a relatively diverse EC background and could be even mildly competitive, may be worth doing on the off chance you get it.
  5. I hate that someone out there probably already knows what I’ve matched to
  6. I find the delay baffling. Because an algorithm that has been run so many years in a row shouldn’t really be changing, and there shouldn’t be mistakes. (The base code and libraries can change so sure there’s new bugs and maintenance, but this is not the type of code that should have many opportunities for new problems to creep in, and that should all be testable ahead of time). And the algorithm itself should take less than a minute to run...
  7. Oh interesting, I must have misunderstood what the preceptor I talked to meant
  8. In theory only get them if they’re submitted really early, given the turn around time - so most people can’t. And my understanding is that they don’t HAVE to be blinded, your preceptor can show it to you if they want I believe, they are just supposed to state they’ve done so.
  9. I think talking to physicians as you have been is a great idea. As mentioned above, physicians allowing shadowing is actually discouraged by many Canadian medical schools and provincial regulatory colleges because of the privacy, liability and ethical concerns. e.g. https://www.cpsbc.ca/for-physicians/college-connector/2015-V03-05/04 I get that it can be very difficult otherwise to understand what physicians do, but as someone considering being a future physician it’s important to understand why these restrictions often exist. There’s can be a huge power dynamic at play between phys
  10. Or that it’s actually more like 1.7/1.8 million for a detached house in these cities based on recent data
  11. You can DM me for specifics about experiences there. But in general I just don’t enjoy working in large urban hospitals as much. From my research, every UBC FM site has its own admin and often have their own vacation policies, scheduling policies, etc. I can’t comment specifically on how supportive or accommodating they are at any given site, because I don’t have direct experience with those staff as a Med student unfortunately!
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