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  1. Hey everyone, For the CPSBC registration, does anyone else see "Outstanding" beside Application under 'My Tasks'? They've marked 'Received' for my passport photo + notarized documents and I completed the application form under My Tasks and paid the criminal record fee. Perhaps the 'Outstanding' for Application is in reference to the status of the app/registration (i.e. waiting on criminal record check, etc)?
  2. Hmm, not sure why, but mine is up and it shows my registration date on SSC as well.
  3. Did you accept your offer in the first round (May 11th)?
  4. Hey guys! For anyone waiting on their proof of enrollment form for their LOC: you can now download it off of SSC under the "Grades & Records" tab.
  5. Hmm yeah not sure. The required docs need to be received by them by July 11th. If you're worried, perhaps try shooting ubc an email?
  6. If you received the email (I got mine on June 18th), the CPSID should be listed under the heading "Before you start, have the following information ready".
  7. Thanks guys! I was able to get a hold of Jeremy Bohbot. $20 in total was a steal!
  8. Hi everyone, Did anyone manage to find a cheap notary in Vancouver? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, Does anyone know if we can submit the bursary application via email to entrance@queensu.ca or does it have to be mailed in ? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Do we know when the decision day is this year?? I think last couple years have been Wed May 11 and Fri May 12th
  11. @Persephone You're right, I did receive that link oops, thanks!
  12. Hey guys, Are we supposed to receive an email from Queen's regarding interview information (i.e MMI and # of stations, etc)? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your reply Bambi! When I said "running out of time", what I meant is..while being engaged in the conversation with the actor, I tend to spend time on finding out their story and seeing if there's other ways to help the person. However, if the instructions are to fire the person or discipline them in a certain way, I find that sometimes I'm not able to get to that point because I've spent time on trying to hear their story.
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