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  1. No, I asked them and they said its just a recommendation
  2. Hi I was wondering when is the deadline for reference letters.The instructions on the OMSAS application under reference letters says we have to send the request email by september 15 to give enough time for the referees to complete it, but I know the deadline for reference letters is October 1. So when is actually the deadline? Is the september 15 timeline just a recommendation so we don't procrastinate or will we be not allowed to sent the email request after september 15? Thanks in advance!
  3. I definitely see where your coming from (and also understand why omsas would limit their activities, because they are looking for quality over quantity). But I dont think this is the most appropriate way of doing it. What about the applicants who come from low SES backgrounds and had to juggle between 10 jobs during their undergrad alone to support themselves and family? Why do they have to think about whether they should include all their jobs to demonstrate their low income background at the cost of sacrificing one third of their application? Most jobs these days are part time jobs and hones
  4. couldnt have said it any better. Some people simply have too many amazing experiences that wouldn't fit the new scheme if it turns out to be true. The main issue with OMSAS is that unlike any other application in the world, you are only allowed 150 characters per activity. Which is incredibly small on its own! No other application is this small. Besides, most other schools offer unlimited activity spots for employment, so I really dont know where omsas is going with this thing?
  5. ive just looked at the omsas guide and I cant see where it says 32 items. Did they remove it or is it somewhere else?
  6. what?? thats insane! where does it say that? why would they do that? it definitely hurts more mature students who have done alot in their lives. how can someone who has more than 32 things overcome this though? Do you think we can combine activities together to make up for lost space?
  7. tbh you should never aim for a single school, this is a very narrow approach. All schools in Canada are ridicuolously competitive and even the best applicant with a 4.0 GPA, 528 MCAT and fantastic ECs is not guaranteed acceptance anywhere. To make things worse, you are talking about Queens, which is the most selective program in the entire country, if not North America as they accept 90 out of 5000 applicants. You should try for all schools and let the chips fall where they belong.
  8. i think we would need to know your wGPA for each school to tell. From that it seems Calgary is your best bet. Alberta and Mac are great too for you. whats your wGPA for uoft? if around 3.9 you should be good. Ottawa has a high GPA cutoff and Queens has a cutoff around 3.8 something, so both seem out of your GPA reach. You might have a chance at UBC too depending on your wGPA. Also which province do you live in? All provinces have IP advantage
  9. thats amazing! thanks. too bad you couldnt add it to your research though
  10. would that count for other activities too though? As in if you had made an achievement or added a new role to your position beyond the June 1st deadline, would you be able to list it within that activity and put final date as June 1st meaning its ongoing?
  11. Hey everyone Does anybody know if the online english courses at Memorial University through Distance Learning (NFLD School) are accepted for the UBC english requirement?
  12. never mind I just checked the cost and its pretty much the same (650 per course so 1300 in total)
  13. 2 months is a pretty good period, most applicants will have at least one reference letter from someone theyve worked with only one summer
  14. Hey there I am planning to apply to UBC next cycle, and I need to do 2 courses to satisfy the english requirement. A lot of people have recommended to me the online courses offered by Athabasca University. After checking them out however, it turned out I would need to spend $1400 to get the 2 courses. I was wondering if anyone knew of a more affordable option that I could take? I am in Toronto for the record. Many thanks in advance!
  15. Just for the record, having a higher MCAT will not really help with queens and UBC. All the schools your aiming for seem to value extracurriculars way more. 511 is a pretty good score, and its not the reason your not getting in. Its your interviewing that needs work on. I know people with 520s who didnt get in and people with 508s who did get in. Most schools in canada dont care about the mcat one bit, except for mac calgary and alberta.
  16. i hear you. yea definitely i think there a couple other sources out there that I could get my hands on but those two should cover the majority of it
  17. your the best! thank you so much! it actually means i would need 260k CA which can be covered from LOC, so all can be covered with these 2 loans!
  18. what about schools in the US? do you still qualify for that amount of OSAP or do you get anything at all if you study at a US medical school? or is OSAP only available for students enrolled in a canadian med school?
  19. why dont you actually email the school itself? you can also ask them if there is something you can do to defer for a year. they have the final say anyway
  20. congrats @Egg_McMuffin and @sadstrawberry the waitlist moved big time this year. It seems like almost everyone here but me and @2hopeful didnt get off lol
  21. facebook groups are very unreliable. There are so many upper year students there, and many students who got accepted to multiple places and declined their offer but are still in the group. It looks like there are about 70 first year students in that group who accepted their offer. But then again, there are students who dont have facebook, and others who just havent signed up on the group.
  22. I wouldnt put my hopes high at this time. Guessing by last years, there are only gonna be a handful offers sent till the class is full email.
  23. Nothing here .. too tired to even bother analyzing how this happened.
  24. Thats why I still havent set up my solus account, so I dont even know what my status says. Stay strong guys!
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