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  1. Invite IP 4th year undergrad Best two year average 90.7% DAT: 22AA 20 RC 19 PAT ABS/PS: Overall felt confident about it, took time to make the personal statement thoughtful and clear. For the ABS felt pretty well rounded but research was probably my weakest section (didnt have much to put for it). Leaning towards accepting UofT but will be doing the interview regardless to keep options open.
  2. The american DAT RC section is 60 minutes I believe which is why DAT bootcamp ones are 60. That is unfortunate for sure though. Regardless, I agree with the statement above, don't stress until you get your results back. I thought I tanked RC and still managed a 20.
  3. I believe it is a 3.0 average over your entire year this year, not for each course. It says "an annual GPA" of 3.0.
  4. Accepted! Best day of my life holy fuck 3.93 (worst year dropped) 22 AA 19 PAT 4th year undergrad IP interview: felt good on 2/3 stations, iffy on 1. Grew more uncertain over time but glad it was good enough for an acceptance. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  5. Does anyone how many invites were sent out this year, I know last year it was around 180. Also any information about the average gpa and DAT scores for invites?
  6. Western takes the most recent, UofT your best (according to their respective websites)
  7. to my knowledge, no. The november one is the latest you can write for this cycle.
  8. would those who got an interview mind posting their stats? Curious about PAT marks and how they might have factored in this year.
  9. If someone here from UWO applied to American schools this year. Could you please message me. Having some trouble figuring out how to calculate my GPA for AADSAS. Ive heard from some people that a 80+ is still considered a 4.0 but this thread says otherwise so I am a bit confused.
  10. In a similar dilemma and was wondering if I could get some feedback. I wrote the DAT this past november and scored 19 PAT, 22 AA, 20 RC. I will be applying next year with around a 90% for Western and about a 3.91-3.93 for UofT. I was concerned mainly about my low PAT score for UofT, and since my GPA would be pretty average considering UofTs high threshold I thought maybe there's a point in rewriting to try and increase my PAT score. Also was underwhelmed with the 20 in RC for Western but from what I've gotten off the threads its not that important as long as you hit the 19 cutoff. What do you
  11. I had a question regarding my eligibility for the formula as well. I had a 4.5 course load in first year. If I was to do a fifth year with each year after my first year having a 5.0 full course load. Will I be eligible for for the weighing formula?
  12. Do you think I would have a solid shot to interview with a 3.92-3.94 and 22AA and 19 PAT as a fourth year? Im not sure whether to retake the DAT or not because of my PAT
  13. was wondering this as well. Will be applying next year to uwo with a 90-91ish and to toronto with a 3.92-3.94ish AA:22 PAT: 19 RC: 20 Im scared the PAT might really weigh me down for UofT. thoughts?
  14. Email was just sent out and scaled scores are up.
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