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  1. I like that Ottawa is giving CASPer so much weight, as much as an applicant's GPA!
  2. You are reading way way too much into it. Why would I want to encourage more people to prepare for the CASPer test? If more people prepare, it decreases my chances of standing out. I'm agreeing with those on here who keep posting that people should NOT prepare or do practice tests for CASPer in advance.
  3. Seems anyone can get in when they lead a fairy tale life though
  4. That's great. May you live happily ever after in your fairy tale life.
  5. I wish you would stop weaving your words ....your direct comment to my initial post in this thread about doing practice casper tests was .. " I doubt that'll help you much" ... You made it clear you believe I'm wasting my time by doing practice tests .... so don't try to change things around now by saying "I never said not to take a practice test".
  6. Who said anything about CASPer here? We're talking about CARS.
  7. I'm simply agreeing with you that I wish more applicants took your advice regarding CASPer. Just because I'm going to practice for CASPer, doesn't mean I want other people doing it so if by me telling people they should follow your advice and not practice, you misinterpret them into that I'm advocating that others should be practicing, then you're pitch is one and the same. So just two days after posting that you didn't get in, you actually got in. How magical ....
  8. why even bother practicing?
  9. It's a competitive process and my goal is to get accepted, not to come across as being friendly. I have no idea why premeds tell other premeds what they do about CASPer but I'm not going to complain. I think it should be encouraged. May the best candidate be successful.
  10. I would tell them until after you legally change your name within the first few weeks.
  11. Heard that the class is "tentatively" full now. This is from a person who knows an individual that works in the "admissions" office.
  12. MacMed2018, I know you mean well, but we need more premeds like Sun and Moon discouraging other premeds from using practice CASPer tests.
  13. I'm just curious to know how you were able to find out that your CASPer ranking dropped dramatically because I thought that applicants never see their rank?
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