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  1. Same here, accepted my offer may 18 and still no information for deposit, which freaked me out a bit since today would have been the 7 day deadline to pay it to avoid losing seat. For that reason I did email admin two days ago who said they are still working on getting the information from the finance department
  2. Does anyone know if you can still get the whole 275k with a 3 year program like Mac or Calgary?
  3. Like for anyone who's having a hard time choosing a med school with multiple offers, why or why not would Mac be your first choice?
  4. Please help, I've read every form on here but still can't decided which school is right for me. I'm not a good student (3.0gpa) and somehow got accepted into two med schools and can't decide which one I really want to go to Mac because I'm already 32 years old and want to be a doctor before I'm too old to enjoy it. The thing holding me back is I rely on structure in school and susceptible to burn out. Also I like to have time to apply for bursaries and grants in the summer and recover from an intense semester. Since I don't like the idea of PBL and not getting a break if I need it I'm wor
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