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  1. Time Stamp: 0814Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: RegretsGPA: 3.54ECs: Varied, short and long term. Lots of hospital/medical experience. Currently working as RN.Decision (will you accept your offer)?: N/ACampus: N/A Waitlisted last year and rejected this year. Pretty bummed out. Felt really good about my interview this year and had high hopes... To those who were accepted - congratulations, don't take your spot for granted! To those waitlisted - hold on to your hope, you never know what will happen! To those rejected - don't give up if this is what you want, hope to see you at the 2019 cy
  2. Yay for working night shift and having all night to anxiously wonder about it! Forcing myself to stay awake until I know! Fingers crossed for everyone! :)
  3. Timestamp: 0901 Interview: Yes! GPA: 3.54 Context: Lived in a small, rural, semi-remote Northern Ontario town from birth until I started university 5 years ago, and have been living in Thunder Bay since. ECs: Short and long term volunteering, various extracurriculars, clinical experience throughout university and now working as an RN. Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 1 - was waitlisted in last years admissions cycle. Interview Location: Thunder Bay Wishing all those who received offers to interview the best of luck! For those who did not, don't give up
  4. Well there's that email that I knew was coming but was still dreading all at the same time! "Dear Applicant, The entering class of 2017 is now full. It is not expected for any further movement to occur on the waitlist. We moved through 16 applicants on the waitlist. Should a seat open up between now and the start of the school year then the next applicant to receive that seat and will be contacted. Again on behalf of the Admissions Committee I would like to thank you for participating in the admissions process for the entering class of 2017 at the Northern Ontario
  5. Email them ASAP tomorrow!! I received the email at 930 on June 1. I'm sure you have also read people's posts about email mix-ups! You never know what could be waiting!
  6. I too have been surprised by the silence on here! I'm sure everyone is experiencing many emotions during this process. Here's the email we received on Thursday... "Dear Applicant, The following movement has occurred on the ranked waitlist for the Entering class of 2017: The class now has 62 confirmed learners. At this time we are awaiting response from the remaining 2 offers that have been already sent out. We made 13 additional offers from the waitlist to date. Therefore, 28 applicants remain on the waitlist. You will receive another update in 1 week or prior to tha
  7. The only thing I can think is that everyone who was sent offers last Wednesday has until the end of the day today to respond...so thinking we might hear something tomorrow? The lack of information is making me crazy lol
  8. Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all those (who have posted, have not posted, and aren't on the forum) who got accepted off of the waitlist!!! Secondly, I am just wondering if anybody knows if NOSM will send a declined waitlist seat immediately after (like they did when initial acceptances were declined), or if they wait to send them out until after the week time frame to make a decision has passed? According to some other med school forums it seems that some schools do the latter, so I'm just trying to figure out if I should hold on to the teeniest tiniest glimmer of hope for the next
  9. Hi all, just wondering if NOSM uses the same questions each year on the OMSAS application? Thanks
  10. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and were able to get their mind off of the waitlist purgatory! I spent some time enjoying the outdoors at camp with family and friends when the weather was nice, watched movies and planned for my upcoming trip while stuck inside due to bad weather, and capped off the weekend by spending all of today studying for my upcoming licensing exam eek! I tried my absolute hardest to not spare a single thought to medical school and focus on enjoying living in the moment and I (mostly) succeeded I know this upcoming week will be stressful and filled with e
  11. Hi all, I've been a lurker of all Premed 101 NOSM forums for...wait for it...over 5 years!!! I stumbled across the forums while researching NOSM when I was still in high school, trying to gain any bit of information and help to one day get me accepted into the school. I've enjoyed checking the forum every year, have gained valuable information, and have been cheering users on via cyberspace. And its all been in anticipation for now... It was finally my chance to apply! I graduated this year from my BScN, though I've known for as long as I can remember that I wanted to be a physicia
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