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  1. You definitely have a shot! I had similar scores but in the opposite directions. You can PM me more about this if you'd like!
  2. I wrote here last year. Would definitely advise against it if you have the option. The rooms are extremely small and crowded, and in the middle of summer it can get very hot and sticky when you're sitting there for 6+ hours. More significant than that there was a lot of noise being made by the test adminstration during the actual test. For me this was during CARS of all sections lol. As a result of it being so hot in the rooms they left the doors open to get some ventilation. Since the rooms were so close to where the adminstration was sitting you could literally hear loud laughing and t
  3. While I didn't get an interview at Ottawa, I was accepted to Mac this year, even with a very low GPA and an average CARS. I'm by no means very experienced at CASPER, but I would be happy to offer my approach and guidance if you're interested. Feel free to PM me!
  4. Yes both offers were off the waitlist! I've heard the similar things about the 3 vs 4 year programs as well.
  5. I am in the very fortunate situation to have two medical offers this cycle, Queen's and McMaster. I never thought I'd be in a position where I'd have more than one offer, so I always told myself that I would go to whichever school accepted me. I have browsed through the forums and found several threads over the last few years detailing factors to consider when making a decision about which school to attend. I was hoping that I would be able to PM some Queen's or Mac students on their experience so far, and perhaps receive some guidance on which school may be a better fit for me. Any help
  6. Just got the email as well! I'm literally in shock.
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