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  1. Hey guys - do you have any recommendations for scholarship/bursary websites that an incoming medical student can apply to? Thanks
  2. The surveys haven't come out yet! But I think we should get them soon
  3. Hey! I'm leaning towards choosing the PB Academy - however the transportation seems to be one reason people don't choose this academy. I would appreciate any help figuring out my options to make the travelling convenient and to see if PB is the academy for me! 1) Where exactly on campus does the free shuttle to Sunnybrook run from? 2) Would I need to travel to Sunnybrook after classes in the Medical Sciences building? (so the only commute I'd need to do is from Med Sci to the shuttle location on campus? How far of a walk would this be?) 3) Where do medical students in gene
  4. Thoughts on Medial Sciences 4931G? I'm planning on taking it this summer online - how is the workload, time commitment, nature of the work?
  5. Hey ! Are there any books I can purchase before hand that give any over view of the content we'll be learning in U of T med? I've heard Toronto Notes might be a good source, however I'd appreciate any thoughts! Thanks!
  6. Hi ! I've been admitted into U of T's medical school in my year 3 of undergrad, so I won't graduate with a BSc. Will I be disadvantaged in any way when applying for research, shadowing, and even residency? Or in any other aspects? Any insight would greatly be appreciated!!
  7. In my opinion, I think taking Math 1229 and Classics 2300 would free up a lot of your time - I've taken both of these courses and found the workload much less than Physiology 2130. However, 2130 is very interesting and is what got me to choose Physiology as my Honors specialization. So maybe also consider module choices and what interests you. I can't say anything about Micro, except that my friends enjoyed the content but not so much the exams. Good luck
  8. Psych 2070, Classics 2300, Comp Sci 1033 and Math 1229 (especially Math 1229 lol) are all really great courses. It's definitely possible to get 90+ if you put the work in (in my opinion). Physiology 2130 was personally my favourite course of 2nd year - try looking into it more (maybe instead of micro) Good luck!
  9. @taytay77 how are you submitting the letter from the Registrar indicating that you completed 3rd year requirements? (e.g. is the Registrar mailing the letter for you to UME? Or are you personally submitting it somewhere else?)
  10. Hi! Regarding this requirement (written below) for students accepted into U of T in their 3rd year of undergrad: "If you are enrolled in a four-year degree program, submit a letter from your Registrar indicating that you have completed the third year requirements of a four-year degree program, plus a final transcript showing completion of Year Three courses, with final grades. This condition must be fulfilled by June 30, 2017" 1) How/to whom do we submit the official letter from the Registrar? (i.e. does the Registrar directly send it to UME? Or do I submit it myself to UME via mai
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