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  1. Got off the IP waitlist today at 2:20PMand will be accepting! This has been an incredibly long but rewarding journey. If this is your first time applying or your third or whichever attempt, do not give up on yourself and this amazing dream that is calling your name. I know it can seem so defeating, trust me the last two times I felt so incredibly defeated and down, but this does not define you in ANY way and you CAN do it. Keep going. Everything happens for a reason, and your time will come through hard work and perseverance. I hope to see each and every one of you deserving folks on the other
  2. I personally haven't heard of any movement (IP, 1st Q). I wonder if we will hear something tomorrow since they mentioned updating every week? Just a guess.
  3. Yes, very true! ....If only we could see the number of members the fb group has already haha!
  4. In province also waitlisted 1st quartile. Rollercoaster indeed! trying to see how much Waitlist moved last few years but not really getting a clear picture...
  5. Hi everyone! Congrats on getting this far. Just wondering how long accepted offers have to confirm with the College that they are in fact accepting. Anyone know?
  6. I also just found out that my 3rd reference was contacted this morning! ugh I had the first 2 contacted about 10 days ago.....are they calling the 3rd reference routinely this year or should I worry!? anyone else? .....I know totally out of my hands but need some hope!
  7. Hi everyone! regarding the email received today with instructions...."Do not take any notes"....anyone else freaking out about this!? assuming they mean you can't even write down your own thoughts during the 3 min we have? I have been practicing writing things down during this whole prep...not ideal :(
  8. They will not give any information over the phone and I have emailed them and waiting for a reply. I mostly just wanted to see if anyone out there is in a similar position.
  9. A big congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!! I have not received any correspondence from the College and am wondering if anyone else out there is in a similar position? I do not know if I have been accepted/rejected or waitlisted. I was really hoping I would know something by now. I emailed them today but have not heard back yet. Obviously not a great sign but not sure what to think....has this happened any other year? IP/510/86%/felt fairly good about the interview but who knows If anyone can shed any light I would REALLY appreciate it!
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