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  1. Anyone know what days of the week are offers usually given out? Also, should the remaining of us expect a response in 1st week or second week of July ?
  2. Hi everyone, for those who are still waiting for their admissions decision (including me), I called the office and I was told that decisions will be coming out in July ; so I am probably not even expecting to hear back even this last week of June :(( little bit more wait to go !
  3. Hey! I am still waiting too :(( I can totally understand, I feel the same and getting impatient as days go by, constantly checking my email. I really hope we hear something by the end of this week, it's almost June end. Plus it's hard for those who graduated to make alternate plans for the year, when you get decisions this late ! Best of luck to you though !
  4. Hi ! I am in the same boat as you, I did my interview early too, on April 28. But I called the office early this week and they said that offers go out all the way from this week to July (and she mentioned September as well). I am not quite sure how they do it and how some are offered early, but we can certainly keep our hopes up till later this month and July best of luck !
  5. Congratulations! Do you mind me asking when you completed your interview and stats ? Best of luck for your pharm journey!
  6. Yes you are right! They send it for us. All we need to do is waiiit, which is very hard at this point but best of luck to everyone :))
  7. Earlier I emailed Rae and she said that "majority of the admissions decisions will be going out sometime in July." Last year, offers started coming out beginning May 31 as someone already mentioned. I guess we're in for a loooong wait ! Till then I will probably be checking my email every hour or so ! :((
  8. Also, since a prerequisite gpa is calculated based on this Bsc pharm prerequisite, how much do u think it's looked at vs overall ? ( just finished my degree) I am nervous as I am not sure if I stand a chance as everyone seems to be very competitive here !
  9. Hi, just wondering , I completed my interview on April 28 and last year I read that offers were received starting May 31 (one student got an acceptance then and onwards)....... any anticipation as to when out admission results come out ? The website says end of June and in the email when I asked , they said July and on the previous forum from last year someone got their offer on May 31....so I was kind of confused ??
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