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  1. Out of curiosity, when were you planning to write/study for it? I'm considering doing it but it seems like a logistical nightmare.
  2. Hey there, couldn't find any posts about this but please direct me to them if I missed them. As someone coming from a very traditional/didactic background, I was wondering if any current Mac students had any textbooks that they would recommend or found particularly useful in terms of prepping for tutorials. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what two credit cards are best to go with for Scotia? I saw someone in the big LoC thread say Infinite Momentum Visa and Gold AmEx but then someone else said that it wasn't possible to negotiate for that...
  4. Interesting.. I'm finding it hard to justify going with TD since they require monthly interest payments even during school and don't allow you to convert to a professional line of credit afterwards
  5. Does someone who has their LoC with TD mind posting what they were able to bargain for? I'm interested in if they're able to match what Scotia offers...
  6. To add another layer of bias, this forum isn't exactly a representative sample of all medical applicants. Individuals browsing this forum are likely to be much keener than the average applicant.
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