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  1. Thank you, guys. I am so grateful for your genuine and heartfelt advice. To be honest, everyday seems so hard to pass by, but I will keep my head up and keep trying.
  2. Hi guys, This is my third year applying. During the first two cycles, I received flat out refusals. This cycle, I got on a very bad waiting list, so my chance of getting in is extremely small. I feel like I am the biggest loser in the world, and have no idea how to improve my MMI (I have 4.0 gpa in pre-requisite courses, therefore low ranking in MMI is the sole reason for my failure). I changed my approaches during the past two cycles, but nothing worked. I am so devastated and lost. I feel like my heart is frozen, and I can't breathe. So please help me here, any insight in how to improve
  3. I sent my request for ranking on the day I received my refusal. But no reply yet? Have you guys received your rankings?
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