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  1. Hey! I had a choice between Toronto and Mac too and ended up going with Toronto. However, I think both schools are really excellent and you can't really make a wrong decision. I did my undergrad at McMaster and really enjoyed my time there. Personally I was ready for a change of scenery and have many friends and a place to live in Toronto so it was an easy choice for me. However here's some things for you to consider: The immediate location. The Rehab Building at U of T is right in the middle of the city whereas I believe McMaster OT classes are in a building on the main campus, which i
  2. I had the same concern. I spoke with the U of T OT program coordinator this weekend and he said he thinks ORPAS is slightly broken as confirmation emails were not being automatically sent. He said as long as you can see 'firm accept' when you log in you're all good. If you're still worried you can email him and he'll tell you if he can see your acceptance from his end. Also he will email you when he receives your deposit form. Hope that helps!
  3. Hello all! Kind of late to the party but: Applied: U of T, Queens, McMaster, Western (all OT) Accepted: U of T, McMaster, Western Waitlisted: Rejected: Queens sGPA: 3.86 I'll be accepting Toronto and I'm so excited!! I took a year off after undergrad so it will be great to head back to school in the fall.
  4. So happy to have found this thread! I'll be accepting my UofT offer and also hope to attend the Orientation next weekend. Can't wait to meet you all!
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