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  1. Got my rejection letter (July 17). But congrats to those that got in!
  2. Does a status of "Not competitive" mean that the applicant is absolutely not admitted?
  3. Hey DOC123doc1, It would be also helpful if you could post your stats!
  4. It went from 53 open seats to 23 in a day. Have all the admission letters been sent out and they are just waiting for people to accept?
  5. Hi Boboeat, Yes I am still waiting. However, last year, people were admitted closer to the end of June (June 25 and June 28) so there's still hope!
  6. Don't worry too much about it because from last year's thread, someone had the same problem where their transcript was only requested June 9. They still got in though!
  7. Hi UAlberta14, Because there seems to be 134 seats available when registering for courses. Perhaps, it's for those who have to repeat the courses? Hopefully someone on this thread could clarify this.
  8. Are there 134 people who will get admitted? Because their website says their quota is 130.
  9. I haven't done my interview yet, so they sent me a friendly reminder saying the deadline for the interviews is Friday, June 2.
  10. Hi UAlberta14, Classes such as PHARM 311, 330A, 347. So basically the ones where "Department Consent" is not required.
  11. Are there already those who have been accepted because why are some already registered in the courses that are open? Is it possible to register into the open classes without being admitted?
  12. Hey UAlberta14! When I phoned the faculty of Pharmacy at UofA for this year, they told me that both are weighed equally. Perhaps they were not part of the Admissions Committee, so maybe it may not be as accurate! And I just meant that I did not mention any volunteer experience (I left all of it blank). Thanks and good luck too!
  13. I still have my interview left as I have been quite anxious about it. Were the questions difficult? Also, when I asked whether or not cGPA>pGPA or vice versa, no preference is given to either (both are taken into account, equally). My stats (IP) are: pGPA: 3.6 2 most recent years: 3.7 Highest 30* (this year): 3.8 LOI is decent; however, 0 volunteer hours mentioned. Good luck to everyone!
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