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  1. 12 minutes ago, milomom said:

    Does anyone still have their beartrack saying "this application requires action"? Mine said that because of my final transcript.. I called the school and they said they received my final transcript, but haven't processed/reviewed it, therefore, they haven't sent it to the faculty of pharmacy yet.. getting really worried because people started receiving their offer..

    Don't worry too much about it because from last year's thread, someone had the same problem where their transcript was only requested June 9. They still got in though!

  2. 16 minutes ago, UAlberta14 said:

    Hi all,

    I also received my acceptance email earlier today! I had a prereq. GPA of 3.6 and an overall GPA (last 60 credits) of 3.7. I didn't have any work experience in a pharmacy, but did have job shadows and some volunteer work in healthcare. 

    Good luck to all applicants :) looking forward to meeting everyone in the Fall. 


    Congrats! When did you do your interview?

  3. Hey pharm07!


    Just curious - where did you hear that cGPA is weighted equal to pGPA? I was told in Feb by Rae that for this years application cycle, the overall gpa on the last 2 years is weighted slightly above the prerequisite GPA.


    Also what do you mean 0 volunteer hours mentioned? We weren't ever asked about hours, do you mean just none listed in general?


    Thanks & good luck :)



    Hey UAlberta14!


    When I phoned the faculty of Pharmacy at UofA for this year, they told me that both are weighed equally. Perhaps they were not part of the Admissions Committee, so maybe it may not be as accurate!


    And I just meant that I did not mention any volunteer experience (I left all of it blank).


    Thanks and good luck too! :)

  4. I still have my interview left as I have been quite anxious about it. Were the questions difficult? Also, when I asked whether or not cGPA>pGPA or vice versa, no preference is given to either (both are taken into account, equally).


    My stats (IP) are:

    pGPA: 3.6

    2 most recent years: 3.7

    Highest 30* (this year): 3.8


    LOI is decent; however, 0 volunteer hours mentioned.


    Good luck to everyone!

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