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  1. Is anyone else confused by their e-mail? It says the average accepted score for my category (which i assume is OOP?) was 72.5, but I had a score above that and was placed on the waitlist. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but any insights would help!
  2. Waitlisted OOP, 76.2. Chances? Does anyone know what the average score for OOP acceptance was?
  3. TimeStamp: 2:25 pm (edited to include time) Invite 3.81/128 Cars CASPer: Felt pretty good. IP, 4th yr
  4. Hey Everyone! How would my chances look for Queen's with a 3.83 GPA (2 yr) and 510 MCAT (127/128/127/128)? People have told me that Queen's is pretty MCAT heavy but I'm not sure if thats true or not
  5. Thoughts on a 128 CARS/3.88 GPA for an OOP?
  6. Does anyone know what weight is placed on these two for U of A? Would a 510/3.88 be competitive enough on the academics side for an OOP?
  7. @aray623 so this is immediately once you enter courses? Don't have to wait for a verification or anything?
  8. Does OMSAS show you your OMSAS GPA once you enter all your courses?
  9. I have a 3.83 GPA, with 510 mcat (127/128/127/128), with good EC's and clinical volunteering.. realistically what are my chances?
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