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  1. WL today; WL last year as well (IP) and rejected end of June - hopefully a few of us with multiple apps/interviews can get in this yr
  2. If its possible, I would suggest applying broadly in the US (both MD and DO) to all Canadian-friendly programs, as early as you can in the cycle. This will maximize the amount of potential interviews you can get early-on. If you have strong EC's/clinical experiences, letters, and write a good PS (with that MCAT and GPA), I don't see why wouldn't get interviews in the US
  3. Hey - I'm a Canadian who applied to both USMD and USDO programs this cycle - interviewed and have been accepted to several DO programs and have also been interviewing at my IP Canadian MD program the past couple cycles. I'd agree with the comments above, USMD is tough unless you have a very strong combination of GPA+MCAT (on top of a strong EC profile) or other linkage. It's not impossible by any means, have a Canadian friend who will be starting this summer at a USMD, but you do need to be quite a bit stronger than US applicants. USDO is definitely more doable, but you do still need strong EC
  4. Invite, IP, regular deadline ( at 10:17AM PST), 4th cycle, Interview and WL last cycle (~87GPA and 40 NAQ from last cycle). Good luck everyone! I know how tough the process can be in Canada, so feel free to reach out if anyone would like to chat (PM)
  5. Thought I'd chime in here - currently going through the US cycle (much earlier timeline than Canada) and almost all schools that I've interviewed at/interacted with have said that they have some X amount more apps this year (for most ~1000+ more, but US schools get a lot more apps). I think the introduction of virtual interviewing is a big reason for the increase. I've spoken with several people who said there's no way they would be attending as many interviews as they have if they had to pay for flights, accommodation, etc., but I'm sure its a combination of a bunch of things mentioned above.
  6. Regrets as well today - IP, ~87 GPA, 75th-100th percentile NAQ (from inspect, 40 NAQ), 509, above average interview. Looking through the forums, its seems there was several ppl rejected with above avg interview. First thought it was MCAT, but many of those with above avg interview also had high mcat scores and there were others accepted with 505, 503, etc. Definitely confusing, but also think rural seats have something to do with it (didnt apply rural) + some luck ofc
  7. Wondering the same thing, seems like someone in the countdown thread got a WL email at like 1PM PST (after many acceptances). Received mine at 7:58AM PST
  8. Hi, I'm closer to the North Delta area, but would be interested to join as well if in Surrey/Langley
  9. Was wondering if anyone else noticed this, yeah pre sure it was 12 in previous years.
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